Home! :)

Home! :)

Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Bread and Water

We had a good time this week. Out of all those news we found I want to talk about two families.....

One. A 35 year old man Dennis with his 25 year old wife, Loydit and their 2 year old son, Dominic.... They have been together for years, and months ago we visited by the missionaries. One day we were walking by and he was washing his motorcylce, and she was sitting on it. I pointed to them and said to my companion, "The motorcycle always gets the girl" he laughed, we walked by, then Elder Anderson stopped, and said, "Let's talk to them" I think their lives will be eternally changed for the prompting my companion listened too.....

We talked, and let us in. We had a great lesson, went back, they let us in again, two great lessons. We taught the plan of salvation and they loved it. They aren't married, but they are more united than a lot of couples I know that are sealed in the temple. When I see their little boy I think of my Nephew who's name is Dominic aswell and it stirs my heart. They will continue to progress.

The other family is a inactive wife, Cecilia, her husband, Ulises, and their son. Oliver. She is a member, they are not married. She had the humility to come to church two weeks ago, show up out of nowhere, and said "I am unmarried, inactive and I need help" That is humility. We visited them three times now. her husband is ready all he can. I am sure their eternity has been changed becuse of her humble heart.

When Moses wanted to throw in the towell, he cried unto god and said, "Take my life!" I am done.... An angel appeared and said "There is bread and water in your tent, go back, and get things done"... When all the problems come, God gives us Bread and water, and we are blessed to keep going because that is when the miracles come! Just ask Moses, when he crossed the Red sea.

 I got to a point in my mission where I said, Ya, done. The lord then gave me bread and water. He gave these two families their bread and water.
I am amazed of the love God has for his children.

Went to the temple today, recieved mad revelation. There has been nothing of more worth in my life than my time here. I thank the lord for my challenges, and I ask for more. This is the true church and I will preach it for all my life.

1. We went to the zoo!
2. You see how he is bitting the fence? Well I was talking a selfie with him, and he bit me! Malcriado!
3. The whole zone
4. The we went interchange crazy! Elder Grover
5. Elder Charca. Bolivian!
6. Waiting for the bus to come.
7.Stake Conference. He got mad after my joke. haha
8. The work horse.
9. The last time at the temple in Lima Peru for now.. I have no idea what I am going to do without President Boswell...
10. The zone.


Monday, May 23, 2016


Good week, good week. Got a lot of studying in, prosiliting, some divisiones. Saw a lot of Mircales. Good zone, playing a lot of soccer, Going in high gear.

I don't know what to say. In the mission we have goals of excellent which include..
20 lessons with investigatores. Smashed it.
10 Baptism invitacions. Out.
50 contacts. Done
10 New investigatores. Finsished.

I love South America!

Cuando hay chamba, hay que chambiar porque no siempre hay chamba. 
When there is work, you have to work, because work isn't always there.

We are just teaching a load of people, in the past two weeks we have found almost 30 new people so to write about each one or just special is just impossible.

So I will end with this......

If you want to feel the spirit hard, you get someone to pray for the first time.
Elder Anderson and I have made the decision that we DO NOT leave the lesson without having the head of the household pray. We don't obligate them, but we show them why it is important.

Helping someone pray with real intent is worth every sorrow and challenge there is to go and be on a mission. 

A general authority taught us that "Falling in Love" doesn't just happen. and either does "Falling out of love" He was talking about marriages, but it applies to missionaries and where they are serving... Loving where you serve doesn't just happen, it is a choice, and it is the best choice. Loving what you do, or where you are, won't just happen. It all depends on you.

1. It is a banana Ice Cream. One of my favorites
2. He had never ate one, and was shocked!
3. I love doing divisions, especially with Colombians. I am so going to go there after the mission.
4. What a nice breakfast he left me.
5. La Chamba Peruana 
6. Lifting dirt!
7. Look at our dirt.
8. San Gregorio Ward
9. Getcha some!
10. In peru it is aceptable to throw your trash in the street, but I think this is out of hand. haha

Monday, May 16, 2016

San Gordito!

Great first week here in my new area. We have a great zone. Elder Aguirre and I just can't seperate. He is with my again, but just in my zone. At the end of my mission we will have 7 and a half months together in the same zone. I have been his companion, district leader, and now zone leader all at different times. I'm Totally going to go to Colombia to visit him.

Elder Anderson is my hero. he is pure. He is one of those people that you don't even have the desire to sin when he is around. We do great work together. Everyone is willing to listen to us because he is tall, blonde, and blue eyes, and well I am white too. haha. Sometimes people ask if we are brothers. It is funny. Talking mad english though... 

This week we got to know some good people. One girl made me laugh. She is a less active, and we were looking for her cousin, but she came around the corner and talked to us, we invited her to church and she was like, "I am a dancer and after we perform I go to after parties and so I can't go to church because I feel bad for the things I do the night before" That was so ridiculous for me and didn't think about her again.

Few days later we went back to visit her cousin, and we run into her again, and she told us, "I am done dancing, It is not worth it, my body hurts, I was awake until 4 am last night, will you guys teach me? My boyfriend wants to listen too, he always asks me what we  believe but I honeslty don't know" It gave me a good laugh how fast people can change. We agreed as long as her boyfriend was there. We are always looking for priesthood holders. haha

Here comes the spiritual part...
We were teaching her cousin.... Returned missionary. 34 years old. Returned missionary, not married. His girfriend is 25, she has a 15 year old, and they have a girl together. She is not a member. I was talking to them and just wanted to throw in the towell.

then that still small voice said, "If you don't have hope, they never will"

I have learned that. If I don't bring the spirit to the house, they won't  feel it. If I don't believe in the power of hope, they won't either. We don't do things for law. We do them to help people. I know it is true. 

Monday, May 9, 2016

Getting your socks knocked off

So there I was, tranquilito, eating chocolate cake last night thinking about my family after we skyped, looking forward to another transfer in my area, Thinking about where Elder Cueva is going... and then the phone rings, and it's President. We do some talking and then he's like, "Yeah let's quit the chit chat" at that moment I knew my life was over.

I am going to a place called San Gregorio. It is in Vitarte, I was in Vitarte before, but now it is another zone. I will have my first white companion, his name is Elder Andersen, great guy. and I now have to be a little more responsable... haha

Chosica has been great for me. I enjoy the mountains, but just let moises, and even the lord, they had to come down off their mountain and teach the people. It is funny how history repeats itself. haha Elder Cueva will do good things with his new companion.

Six weeks really isn't long enough in an area, but now I am certian I am going to my last area to die in peace, but President Boswell told me, and I know I need to work harder and more diligently than I ever have. Trunky doesn't exist for this guy.

1. Agenda. Nephi and Laban, great story.
2. Two sons. That is enough posterity.
3. I took a picture of everyone taking a picture.
4. Last district meeting. Apple pie
5. My area.
6. Always a place to play soccer
7. The best pensionista there is.
8. Going mexican
9. The Grand Canyon in Peru!


Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Days turn into weeks, weeks turn into transfers

Another week in Punte Palomar. This week we went to the rescue. Last year there were 50 baptisms in this ward, out of those fifty, there are less than 20 active.........So that.. That's greattt. haha It makes me think where we loose them, and who's fault it is... Whatever it is, the convert is who pays... 

There are just great people here though, really strong. I like how peruvians live. Really Simple, and really faithful. The kids here are happy as could be and they have never seen an ipad in their life. 

Cielo is doing good, yesterday she brought her other nephew to church, and I played games with him my family played with me during sacrament. haha. Her less active sister is awesome too, but she's living with her boyfriend. NOBODY here gets married.. So we have work to do.

Above all I love the way the lord guides us. Yesterday we ran into a recent convert who didn't go to church because his wife was sick. (Justified) we asked him what day we could visit and he said later in the night, so we went, and I opened up that book of mormon and we started talking, at the end of the lesson he began to cry and asked, "How did you know to come here and share that?" I told him, the lord is very aware how we are doing, and he sends his servents to help, the spirit is the real teacher.

I am confident that is true, and there is nothing better than being lead by him to help those who are in need. I am more sure this church is true.

And that's the gospel truth!

1. The missionary police went through my luggage and this is all they have to say. 
2. Yeah son, I guess we can take a picture in front of the temple.
3. Finally! Classic peruvian picture!
4. What I thought my mission would be like...
5. But what it actually is...
6. A little village high up in the mountains.
7. The classic, "Yeah man, you have a great day of walking around"
8. Message so boring even the dogs fall asleep in the lesson!
9. Inca and a new Book of mormon. Ya can't beat it!
10. The Church
11. Causa son!
12. Great View