Home! :)

Home! :)

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Days turn into weeks, weeks turn into transfers

Another week in Punte Palomar. This week we went to the rescue. Last year there were 50 baptisms in this ward, out of those fifty, there are less than 20 active.........So that.. That's greattt. haha It makes me think where we loose them, and who's fault it is... Whatever it is, the convert is who pays... 

There are just great people here though, really strong. I like how peruvians live. Really Simple, and really faithful. The kids here are happy as could be and they have never seen an ipad in their life. 

Cielo is doing good, yesterday she brought her other nephew to church, and I played games with him my family played with me during sacrament. haha. Her less active sister is awesome too, but she's living with her boyfriend. NOBODY here gets married.. So we have work to do.

Above all I love the way the lord guides us. Yesterday we ran into a recent convert who didn't go to church because his wife was sick. (Justified) we asked him what day we could visit and he said later in the night, so we went, and I opened up that book of mormon and we started talking, at the end of the lesson he began to cry and asked, "How did you know to come here and share that?" I told him, the lord is very aware how we are doing, and he sends his servents to help, the spirit is the real teacher.

I am confident that is true, and there is nothing better than being lead by him to help those who are in need. I am more sure this church is true.

And that's the gospel truth!

1. The missionary police went through my luggage and this is all they have to say. 
2. Yeah son, I guess we can take a picture in front of the temple.
3. Finally! Classic peruvian picture!
4. What I thought my mission would be like...
5. But what it actually is...
6. A little village high up in the mountains.
7. The classic, "Yeah man, you have a great day of walking around"
8. Message so boring even the dogs fall asleep in the lesson!
9. Inca and a new Book of mormon. Ya can't beat it!
10. The Church
11. Causa son!
12. Great View


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