Home! :)

Home! :)

Monday, May 23, 2016


Good week, good week. Got a lot of studying in, prosiliting, some divisiones. Saw a lot of Mircales. Good zone, playing a lot of soccer, Going in high gear.

I don't know what to say. In the mission we have goals of excellent which include..
20 lessons with investigatores. Smashed it.
10 Baptism invitacions. Out.
50 contacts. Done
10 New investigatores. Finsished.

I love South America!

Cuando hay chamba, hay que chambiar porque no siempre hay chamba. 
When there is work, you have to work, because work isn't always there.

We are just teaching a load of people, in the past two weeks we have found almost 30 new people so to write about each one or just special is just impossible.

So I will end with this......

If you want to feel the spirit hard, you get someone to pray for the first time.
Elder Anderson and I have made the decision that we DO NOT leave the lesson without having the head of the household pray. We don't obligate them, but we show them why it is important.

Helping someone pray with real intent is worth every sorrow and challenge there is to go and be on a mission. 

A general authority taught us that "Falling in Love" doesn't just happen. and either does "Falling out of love" He was talking about marriages, but it applies to missionaries and where they are serving... Loving where you serve doesn't just happen, it is a choice, and it is the best choice. Loving what you do, or where you are, won't just happen. It all depends on you.

1. It is a banana Ice Cream. One of my favorites
2. He had never ate one, and was shocked!
3. I love doing divisions, especially with Colombians. I am so going to go there after the mission.
4. What a nice breakfast he left me.
5. La Chamba Peruana 
6. Lifting dirt!
7. Look at our dirt.
8. San Gregorio Ward
9. Getcha some!
10. In peru it is aceptable to throw your trash in the street, but I think this is out of hand. haha

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