Home! :)

Home! :)

Monday, January 26, 2015

I did it, i straight did it

Last P-day of this transfer. In a couple hours I'll know where I'm going to live, thankfully! I'm really not a fan of having no idea what's going to happen to me. I feel weak. I've been in El Porvenir for four and a half months now, so I think I'm going, but god has a plan for everyone. 

On Friday, January 23 at about 5 pm I baptized Karla Andrea Caceres Panduro. That was fun. It's still hard to believe because I'm just me, but her life is now changed. The holy ghost is a strong man, he taught Karla. I was just talked.

Despite the first baptism, It was a bit of a rough week. I'm really prideful, and that's a problem. Yeah I know what to say, and how to be decedent guy, I'm not rude, or even mad, but deep down. deep in my heart I'm a really cold person. It's funny because as missionaries we preach the antidote for the worlds problems, but deny ourselves the right to drink the same antidote. The ultimate and eternal sacrifice of Jesus Christ, the Atonement.

So many people say, "The mission is the happiest time of your life" I don't know if I agree with that. For me I was a lot happier before. We say it's fun, because we're scared to look deep into our hearts, and reognize god is trying to make us happy for eternity. to do that, haha well it ain't gonna be all sunshine and rainbows. Our hearts need stripped of pride, filled with the light of christ. Once that's done. Yeah okay probably the happiest time of our lives. Humility my friends, it's the key. :)

Other than that! pretty average. there's a new missionary from Gunison here who went to Snow college for a year and a half, we know a lot of the same people, he was actually with a girl I went to school with for six years, she never liked me to much, but hey small world. Haha 

You guys hang in there. Have a good week. Do some prayi8ng. From what I heard it hleps a lot? :) I love you all.

Now...SOMEBODY PLEASE. tell me your favorite quote

Quote of the week
"There's no such thing in anyone life as an unimportant day.
Alex Woollcott

1. Peru Monopoly! (I lost)...
2. The way it was lookin, I was going to return my clothes haha
3. The power of a friend. Karla is a refrence from Rosa.
4. Tell me Mia doesn't look like Hercules when he's drinking the mortal potion
5. Only one person is Elder Smith's first baptism
6. The family we live with, and Karla. They have been family friends for years.
7. Yeah Okay
8. I like, that temple life
9. The last supper. :(
10. Yup
11. Elder Aspajo and Elder Frutos.

Monday, January 19, 2015

Do you have time, to listen to me awhile

Don't have much to say this week. Taught some lessons. Karla is getting baptized this Friday. She's so ready. Yovana's "husband" thinks he's going to baptize their son in March when he turns 8. Yeah right. We put another guy on date named Fidel. He's cool, he lived in the U.S. for 15 years, he has a strong Christian background so he knows a lot, he asked the most dreadful question when we talked about baptism, "So was my last baptism not valid?" Not a fan of that. Good thing we have god on our side :)

This week.. You know. It was a bit rough mentally. At times I feel like Jim Carry in "The Mask" when he's trying to take the mask off, and it's almost impossible. My companion wants me to trust him with everything, and talk all the time. And me, well.. I don't like trusting people. He's a great guy, but I’ve only known him for 3 months, and he wants my life story! I don't know, sometimes It's hard to take off the mask.

Other than that another day another soul. Reading the Book of Mormon. Preachin the gospel, trying to have a change of heart. After almost four and a half months here, nothing new really happens. I'll tell you a quick story because I don't have anything else to say.

There's a drunk guy who always walks around, the first time I met him he did the classic, "Wassup man! Where you from?!" In English, I said Utah. then he grabbed me, and that made me furious in a heartbeat. He shook my hand and said, "I'm from Texas, I have a question...Do you love what you're doing?" I stared deep into his eyes for just a moment, and saw the helplessness in him. I lightly responded, "Of course!" He said good, I gave him a picture of Jesus and that was it.

I've talked to him two times since. The second he expressed his depression, Alcohol on his breath, I told him to go to church, the third time I asked how he was doing. He was high as a kite and said, "I'm doing better man, thanks"

That story doesn't have a good ending. It's sad. I just think of his eyes. People need help. We all have our problems. The difference is some have the light of Christ, others continue to walk in darkness. Question is, what do you have?

Now....SOMEBODY PLEASE .tell me your favorite scripture and why.

Quote of the week
"It is better to light a single candle than to sit and curse the darkness"

1. I like pizza. a lot.
2. I was Elder Frazier :) He was Elder Smith, but he didn't know. hehe
3. Impatient New missionary.
4. Patience man, it changes things.
5. I like to write in peoples journals

6. The life of a missionary....I need 25 lessons every week so instead of dinner I'm going to get another lesson in. I'll eat in my room after planning, I'm dehydrated but we're out of filtered water so you drink the coke that luckily a member gave you because you wrote on her menu board because she has bad handwriting, and well you write decently. haha man... Some days.

Monday, January 12, 2015

This week was possibly the fastest and smoothest week I've had here. We've been pretty busy. I'll try and explain it without boring you to death. :)

I want to talk about a few people. First Carlos and Rosa. In the past 5 months they went from less actives, they were my first rescue. SO many trails, problems, bums, doubts, and fears. This week they set their marriage date. Feb 14th at 7pm. (Cheesy I know) But depending on the bishop, they're going to the temple. To be sealed together. I can't express my joy. Last night they explained how thankful they were for me, and that caught me off guard because man I'm just Daniel. I said the spirit must have done some work because I really am just a 19 year old boy. It was a funny experience I'll remember forever.

Other person is Karla. When we met her two months ago she was a bit of a wreck. Her boyfriend left her and her daughter, she moved in with her mom, she was hopeless. I can't explain how much she's changed. I think she was the first person to actually read the pamphlet we gave her. She's Rosa's friend so her and Carlos have been there for every lesson. She's going to be baptized the 24th. Last night she said she wanted me to baptize her, that too caught me off guard. haha I told her, "Listen, if you're Elder Smith's first baptism, and you ever go less or inactive, I don't care where I live or how poor I am, I'll come back here and kill you." She laughed, then I said I'm not kidding. It was pretty funny, and so I guess I'm dunking her. 

I have a lot more to say, but maybe you'll just have to talk to me when I'm home :) And I got things to do today, and people to email! I hope you have a good week, and for HEAVENS SAKE if you have a questions, concerns, doubts, or anything Read the Book Of Mormon!.

Now SOMEBODY PLEASE.. tell me who has more members of the church, Utah or California. 

Quote of the week
"You really are the bearer of good news!" 
----A old friend who wrote that in my idea journal.

Here's another because I'm feeling generous. It's a classic.
"We might not have it all together, but together we have it all!"
That's me and Jesus. :)

Pictures! I'm sorry.. I messed up this week man..
1. Elder Frazier bought this and said, "This will last me the rest of my mission" As I was brushing my teeth looking at it, I thought, "Why do we all write in each others journals, it's like a yearbook, something we'll never read again". So I grabbed his shave cream, knowing he'll use it everyday and wrote a note on it. :) Now he'll read inspiring words every morning! haha

Monday, January 5, 2015

Happy New Year

This week was the most unproductive, productive week I've had. It started REALLY slow. New years eve no one was home, then new years day everyone was either sleeping, hungover, or still drinking. The streets were literally empty. It was the quietest I've seen it here. Then on Friday the traveling missionaries came to visit us! The traveling missionaries are just two missionaries who visit companionship throughout the mission. We divided up the day and went. I was with Elder Kent. The man is my hero. he has 21 months. we were the first gringos together for the first time in my areas history!

We had a solid day, and one less was porbably the strongest spiritual lesson I've had. It was with a mom named Yovana. She's an investigador because her worthless Boyfriend won't get divorced with his last wife, so they're not married. She wants to be baptized but can't. They have three kids, he works all the time and hasn't ever came to church. So she's alone.. Oh! and the pile is a returned missionary. The government is taking thier house, on Thursday she was completly helpless and fell to her knees. We hadn't visited her for a couple weeks, then on Friday, I called her. It was very touching. I hope and pray the lord will bless her and we'll help.

A lot more happened that day, and this week. The mission president from Lima central came to our ward. Along with the two missionaries who were teaching in our area. Disobedience man, I'm telling ya it doesn't get you anywhere. I hope we don't loose the couple, but it's not looking too good.

Karla is still progressing like a beast. She's cool, smart, and pretty easy to teach. When we taught the word of wisdom she said the famous line, "NO COFFE?!" It was funny.

Yeah Okay. It's 2015. 365 days to be a missionary, only full year in my life. If that's not awesome I don't know what is. Hang in there, have the best year of your life. 2014 was pretty good for me, but 2015 is looking pretty. I love you all. Sorry for the long email.

Now...SOMEBODY PLEASE Tell me your goals for 2015

Quote of the week
"What we believe determines what we do" Bruce McConkie.

1. New Years here has more fireworks than Christmas
2. Really the whole atmosphere was smoke. It was awesome
3. My guy and the travelers.
4. Elder Kent is my Hero
5. Yeah okay.
6. Hi, I'm Elder Smith. I've been alcohol free for one year. :)