Home! :)

Home! :)

Monday, June 29, 2015

How Many Faces Do You Have?

So last week I talked about a girl named Jennifer who gave me a real talk, haha. That was NOTHING compared to the talk President Boswell gave all of us at our Multi Zone this week. This week was awesome, I love my area, and I need to better in some things.

We had a good week this week with a lot of great lessons. The Family Brown is progressing, the wife accepted a date to be baptized FINALLY. She is a little weird but has one of the softest hearts I know. The Family Campos, the ones who want to get a divorce hugged! I was shocked as my companion stood up and told them to sit face to face and he gave them a REAL talk. After the lesson I told him, ¨Cograts elder, for the first time in your mission you talked like a man!¨ It was really funny. We work really well together.¨Elder Of The Eagle, my companion was having some tooth pains this week, so we went to the dentist, we lost a little bit of time, and he is in in for the long run, but dental care is a lot cheaper here than the states so he will be okay.

Now, that Multi zone... Aye aye aye. First thing he talked about our hair, that´s not a problem. I don´t have sideburns and can´t grow my hair out past half inch so thats good there! haha but then... He talked about courage, and being the same person no matter where we are, or who we are with. That one hit me hard. He continued with pictures of Returned missionaries from our mission who posted pictures on facebook of things that were horrible. in the scriptures it talks about the wrath of god. When President was talking... that was the first time I felt it. It inspired me to do so much better, and to be clear, no matter what anyone says or any country says, I will not turn my back on my god who saved me from the depths of hell. From now on I only have one face.

Other than that. Pretty good week! We lost a little time but we have some great seeds planted, and I love this area more than any other one I have been in. It´s just the promised land. to end here is a quote. 

¨Be the same person you are in the light, as you are in the dark.¨

Have a great week! My camera is still not working. man... How serious my emails are and how little of pictures I am sending you´re gonna bet bored, but I´m trying!

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Sometimes, things just make sense

I have a really bad habit of doubting myself. Sometimes I find myself doubting my knowledge, or doubting my testimony. This week, we found a 23 year old girl, who seemed really interested. We sat down, and she gave us a REAL talk, but at the same time, we walked in a contact, married couple, he´s inactive, but not because of any commandments, and she, well she wants an eternal family.

God heard my prayers, and on Wednesday we got a call that the assitants are coming to our area, obviously my first thought was, ¨Uh oh.. Have I been bad?¨ But turns out, I have nothing to fear so they came and it was awesome. We had a great day, and like always I learned a lot. Friday, as we were talking about the day, the assitants got a call from President Boswell. He was downstairs, and wanted in! Aye aye aye, then I thought again, ¨Man I must really be messing up!¨ 3 areas, the man has came to visit me in all 3! But it again was of love, short, to check our room, which of course, is clean.

Then Sunday, well after a week of dilligent prayer and study, we went to the Trujillo temple dedication. It was brodcasted in each stake in all of Peru. When I doubt myself, I ask, ¨What do I need to do, to make sure I never fall away, or fail¨ Yesterday I was softly, but throughly reminded, all I need to do, what I must do. Is go to the temple. 

The spirit was so strong as I listened to President Uchtdorf speak, and many others. I don´t have any plans to get married, but I do have plans to go to the temple often. Because lets face it, I will fail, and anyone else will fail if we aren´t going to the temple. Satan is too strong. The temple, is the only thing stronger, and we will win. 

I now know, for sure. that I will always doubt my doubts, before I ever doubt my faith. My mission is the only mission in all of South America that goes to the temple as a mission together, every 3 months. I´m here for a reason. 

I know, really serious, but it was a serious week! and this week, we have a multizone, and well... President Uchtdorf and Elder Bednar in the country, the area offices are right next to the stake center of our multizone, The area seventy is best pals with my president. I am not certain about anything, but you know what I´ll be praying for!

Have a great week, pray with faith! Do work!

I have pictures, but my camera got messed up or something, because I can upload them, I am sorry, I even had a picture with President Boswell and his wife to show you! Dangit....

Monday, June 15, 2015

Big Bull Legged, Fuel Injected, Running Wild, Radar Detected

This week, was awesome. We just worked, and worked, and worked. My companion thought he was going to be sick, worked right through that. haha we have this activity every thursday called, ¨Missionary Night¨ Well ever sense I got here, the activity was a joke. less than 20 people came, last week only 8.

So we had it, we invited men, women, kids, and dogs this week. And we did something spectacular. I´ll give you a brief overview. A long time ago I read a story about donuts, and a seminary teacher, some kid who was a trouble maker, the story was about the atonement, and I loved it! So..... We re did it. the spirit was so strong, as we had one guy do 90 pushups for every single person to recieve a little chocolate candy, that represented Eternal Life. When someone said, ¨No I don´t want the chocolate¨ The spirit practically bashed through the door.

We ended with a video called ¨Falling Plates¨ Go watch it. Awesome. That was thursday, I was feeling pretty good, teaching 4 or 5 lessons every day, Sunday was good, 4 less actives came to church and 2 investigadores. along with the most members in all my time here. 164. 

Then, aye aye aye... There is this couple who is less active, sealed in the temple, who want to get divorced, after 25 years and 7 kids... We had a lesson with the two of them, alone. So I walked in there with my pistols loaded. one of my ALL time favorite 3 verses of holy scripture. favorite President Monson story, and a video. We reached half time, it was looking like a solid lesson, go to the video, it´s tilted ¨Together Forever¨ When I told them the video the wife looked at me with sad eyes and said, ¨A long time ago I wanted to be together forever. Now, No.¨

So we watched the video. After she expressed why she said such a sentence. ¨After so many years of hoping and waiting, praying and fasting, the husband didn´t change a bit, and now, the past 2 months, he´s trying, but until he really is changed, I am not going to believe in him.¨

As a last stand, one in the champer, the 3 verses we read were in Moroni. 7 40 to 43. I told her that, ¨Moroni had hope, and for what!? He walked 35 years, carrying heavy plates, alone, unmarried, without friends or family, hiding in rocks because everyone wanted him killed. What was his hope? It didn´t come until he visited Joseph Smith, and until he translated the book of Mormon, Then 2 elders came into your house, to talk about this book.Is that faith? Yes. Is that hope. Yes. You don´t give up. You never. give up.¨

She gave us a nod. I don´t by any means think she is all sorts of happy. But The spirit can work miracles, though anyone. I guess, I told you all this to say, You do not give up. None of us, especially members of the church don´t Give up.

I have some great pictures, but this computer won´t let me attach them. How sad.... I will send them next week.

Have a great summer! Im jealous of everyone of you who breathing that great USA air. haha

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

It Kills Me Not To Know This, But I've All But Forgotten

President Boswell loves transfers! That's my mission president, he is so awesome, I decided not to just say "My President" If you care about me, you gotta remember his name, because I love him. :)

I'm still here in Portales, with Elder Clyde, but we got new compaions! I won't lie, I was pretty ready for that. haha To my suprise, my new companion has only four months in the misson, my first thought was, "Uh oh.. Does that mean I have to know all the scriptures?!" In one short week I have been deeply reminded, that I do not know anything, the Holy Ghost, is the teacher. All I do is talk.

My momma sent me a package, which included my Pat. Blessing, which I somehow forgot to bring with me. I got it when I was 14, I'm bearly starting to understand it nearly 6 years later. I won't get into detail, but it talks about being blessed with desire. I have never thought "Desire" To be a blessing, but I sure do now. As I woke up every morning with such excitement to hurry through my FREEZING shower and study, then talk to EVERY last human thing. Including dogs.

I see miracles every day, and it's hard to pick what exact ones I want to share with all of you. Nonetheless, here ya go. It was 11:30 am. I'm walking in the mountains, me, being me, I said, outloud... haha "Alright holy ghost I'm ready for you to tell me where to go!" five minutes later we waked past this house, the door was cracked open, I saw a few key things. FIRST. he's a man, I can teach him right now. SECOND. that couch is nice, and I'm sick of walking. THIRD. He's just watching TV, so I turned around, knocked. Alfredo, and Doris Brown were a little more than excited to let us in. They're married, she prayed like a week ago and said the words every missionary dreams to hear. "God Help me, I don't know what to do."

Being a missionary, is awesome. Living the gospel is better. Having the desire to share this message of joy. I thank god every single night for the privlage I have to do it all day, everyday.

Have a good week, teach the gospel is all you do, and if necessary, use words.

1. I like big packages and I can not lie! you other missionaries can't deny!
2. I'm going to be bringing home toothpaste in a year! The sacrafice of my mom humbles my heart every day.
3. You just can't beat the BOM
4. Go to CTR clothing, they said, it will be fun they said... BUT they never said when your laundry lady mixes up all your socks with another elder! Pucha!
5. They think they're going to fix our cold water.
6. haha.... ha. ha. I secretly hope it works.
7. I love these two.
8. Elder Jacome, the new comp of Elder Clyde
9. He's a bit new in the mission, but we'll break him in REALL good. haha  his name? haha Elder Of the Eagle. I'm not even kidding. Elder Del Aguila

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Shattering Peaches

It's June! I don't know where May went, but I guess that's alright. Today is transfers, and I'm probably getting a new man, but we will see after email.

This week was good, we didn't teach very many lessons, but the ones we taught were strong. I like those more. I'm not about teaching kids or women so the number of lessons went down, but they were good. we found a few new people this week, which were awesome. Or so I think. In all my mission I have found about 76 new people, which isn't that much... but it is SO HARD to get them to progress. A lot of times you teach them once, then never see them again. It's sad.

We had stake conferencia? Sorry, I forgot how to spell that in English. but it was good. Our Mission President preached, it was good direction for me of what I need to do better, to help our ward. 

Other than that? If you have a minute go read the June liahonna story called "Shattering Peaches" It's not even a page, but has a powerful story, that really struck home with me this week.. 

I'm learning, growing, teaching. Really been focusing on the restoration. Because let's face it. That's the best message we got. we are the only ones who have it. You ever watch the Best two years? What discussion was it that made them both cry? Pretty sure it was about a 14 year old boy prayin in the woods. :)

Our ward has a lot of work, but I feel the closest to them then I ever had with any other ward here. So I am SO excited to do all i can to help. I did however... Just find out L. Tom Perry died....That's just... Sad you guys better go read about what he said about the family in the last conference. 

I don't have many,
1. Yup, hoodies and soup exist on the mission too
2. he got 3 haircuts in 6 weeks, does that seem crazy to anyone else?
3. Thuggin
4. That's my mission
5. We look High and Low. What happened is that we met a guy at the bottom of the mountain. He said he lived in Sector 7 and he was AWESOME so we went to find sector 7.... well.... it was a LOT higher than we planned, and he wasn't there. Got good pics though :)