Home! :)

Home! :)

Monday, October 27, 2014

I'd rather eat bugs than do drugs

First! If you do not plan on sending me anything here, you can skip this whole paragraph!

I'm sorry I do this every week, but I want to be very specific the best way to mail stuff is Vanessa Contrer. She comes to Peru every two weeks. She lives in Salt Lake, the packages are six dollars a pound, and letters are nothing. I don't think. It's a lot cheaper than the post office, and a lot easier. She is a member and is hired through the church. My suggestion would be, give your packages to my mother. She will take them up north. Please give her the appropriate amount per pound, and that's all you'll have to do. If you don't want to go to Ferron, no fear! I have nine brothers and sisters who live in Utah! Our house in Price is your next best option. Ask me for the address, and who lives there. Haha. Vanessa also brings letters like I said. Also easier. Just send them to her, not my mom. haha DON'T use the pouch mail system. This is a pain I know, I won't feel bad if I don't get packages, but now you know the process!

Now for the good stuff. A LOT happened this week, so much, but I don't want to type a novel, or be the guy who sends one. SO! two stories..I think I'm going to make it a thing haha.

The first, is funny. So I have this shirt, that says, "I'd rather eat bugs than do drugs" I got it when I was a saint and did community service. (Haha yeah) I was in a different area on splits and for Dinner I got two eggs, bread, and...bugs. Two oversized ant things the size of huge crickets. Fried and crunchy. I accidently bit one... And I've decided... I'd rather do drugs, than eat bugs ever again. haha.

Now..For serious. I won't lie for a second. It's hard to not miss Utah when things are the way they are here. It's hard to not miss my life. And it was affecting me. A lot. To the point my companion sat me down, and told me I was being prideful. Bad. I was putting myself up high, and Peru low. To be short, yeah I could say "I've only been here a month, what do you expect" but I didn't, because he was right.

As I kneeled to pray that night, I asked, "What is keeping me from living it here?" My answer came quickly. Grudges. The long list I have, starting in sixth grade I've yet to forget about. I realized I can't love it here, because I have so many walls blocking my heart.

It's not an over night fix, but since that night I've had the best days mentally. I have two years to bring my heart and soul to complete peace. I've ate bugs, laughing. I wouldn't have done that a month ago. I pray every night to help me lower the walls in my heart, and destroy them. The atonement improves my life everyday. It brings me more peace than I've ever felt in my heart. I know it's real, and true. Have a great week my friends..

Tell me how many 73kg is in pounds. Because that's how much I weigh.
Also, how many temples there are in Utah.

Quote of the week.
"Joy is found in the journey, not in the destination. The journey is where one learns and changes. The destiny is where one reflects the journey and often times wishes to start the journey again."

I hope and pray we can all find joy in all our different journeys.

1. Myspace pic, and a photobomb..haha
2. REUNITED! love my brothers.
3. Yes, I'm still OCD.
4. You go to work without a loaded gun? Because I don't.
5. My brother from Chile. He always hugs me and says, my brother. I love you. In English. It makes me smile
6. I don't always eat bugs. 
7. Noche de Brujas is Night of witches. that's there Halloween, but they don't really do anything here.
8. I'm an artist.
9. Tell me I'm not.
10. Go ahead, say it. haha

Monday, October 20, 2014

You are my Sunshine

Before I tell you about this week, first. Again gotta say some things! 1. If I don’t email you back every week. I am really sorry. I don’t type fast enough... 2. If you want to send me something, the Church hires a woman to go to and from Utah and Peru once a month, or twice with packages, she takes them to the office, and then they come to me. From what I know it’s cheaper, and faster, and safer, but that’s all I know. Here’s her name Vanessa Conteras Peru Packages. Type that into Google, and make sure you put Peru packages. 3. I attached a picture of my home address. If anyone wants to know exacts, Ben asked me. Our house is Orange.

So! I had this nice email ready to go, but then last night... I realized it’s not how I felt, or feel at all. Because I honestly don’t feel good or nice. 

I was going to rant, but there is no point. I’m not going to quit, and I know this is where I am supposed to be, but mark my word. Somedays, I feel like I don’t fit in, I’m not learning anything, and I’m better off working and living at home. I wish I could say, every night I go to bed with a smile on my face, but I don’t. 

If I didn’t know, with an unshakeable faith that the Book of Mormon is true, and the Atonement happened. I would not be here. There are days when I feel alone, and if I didn’t have the testimony that Christ is always next to me, I would quit. 

I know my savior lives. Somedays I want to quit, this week, I was furious. I’m not going to be the classic textbook missionary, I’m going to sit right here, and tell you that I have doubts. Yesterday we were eating at a members house, who’s husband was a none member, and they had bottles of whiskey on their shelf and stuff, and Elder Allasia was like in shock, and I laughed. The non-member began talking to me, but not to Elder Allasia. I follow the rules, and teach the doctrine of Christ, but I do not judge someone for smoking, drinking, or doing the stuff NORMAL people do. It’s frustrating that a lot of missionaries do.

Yesterday I talked in Sacrament about the atonement; I got up on the Pulpit, and just smiled. For the firs time the quote, ¨¨When you smile, the world smiles with you, when you frown. You frown alone¨¨ became real because when I smiled, everyone smiled back because they knew I didn’t know jack crap of Spanish. That was probably the highlight of my week. ha-ha

Heres a fact about Peru.
Every taxi and bus I’ve been in the Turn signal has been on the right, and wipers on the left.

Tell me the name of the reindeer off frozen. I forgot

1. Typical Street in my area. Yes that’s a cart on a bike full of bananas. Yes it’s common, ha-ha
2. My best buddy.
3. NO! I’m running out of stuff like crazy! This pen was a trooper.
5. My address
6. Ohh.. The Inca! So good.
7. This book, gives me faith to stay here, when nothing else can. Ether 12, and Alma 13. Preach.

Monday, October 13, 2014

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

Hey there guys,

I´m going to tell you about a week in Peru, but first I need something from you! If any of you know, please send me the emails of these people.

Jason Anderson. Tai Justice. Bailey Faimaloa. Brother Esplin. Ben Doria. Jon Doria. Thanks!

So I´m only 2 months in and i´m already running out of things to say.. haha, A lot of stuff is happening, but it´s hard to explain in an email! make no mistake, lives are changing! but yeah, so I have two stories for you!

This first is funny. Me and Elder Allasia were in a lesson talking about the word of wisdom. At the end I bore testimony and explained how hard it was for me to stop drinking tea, but why I stopped, and how I was blessed. Once we left Elder Allasia asked, "You had a problem with the word of wisdom?" I laughed and said, "The Word of Wisdom was on a list of about 50 problems" He laughed and said, "You are very different from all my companions because you are the only one who was as bad as me, if not worse before the mission" He then Explained his life before. It was really funny

The 2nd is me realizing how blessed and lucky I am. So this week a president assistant companionship come to me and Elder Allasia. President Assistants are like the major leagues in missionaries. They told us we’re going on splits for the day. I was with Elder Calle. Latino. Haha I was alone with a only Spanish speaking missionary, in an area he didn´t know, with three lessons to teach with people he´s never meant! It´s safe to say... I was freaked out. During the lessons, I realized, he knows some things. I got us lost once, but it was a really successful day. 

At the end we were talking and he was asking some pretty sensitive questions, but I trusted him. He asked very specifically how I was doing. My testimony, feelings, doubts, companion, area, family, home, health, everything. As I was answering I realized I only have 1 legit problem. and that´s spanish. Elder Wallace has been sick a lot here. One Elders mom just died, some don´t have the energy, and others don´t know why they´re here.

Then there´s me. haha Healthy, Happy missionary from a small town. My family is healthy and happy. I´ve yet to get sick. There are emails in my Inbox. I can´t describe the feeling of gratitude I had that night, and now. How the savior has blessed my life, and the atonement has carried me. Without him, I wouldn´t be in Peru! Without him I don´t know what I would have. Jesus is my friend, brother, and savior. God´s strength is unmatchable.

I guess you could say, all those years of wearing Lucky Brand Jeans paid off :) Haha I am one Lucky guy.

Have a good week. Play a little. Pray More. Love the Most.

Quote of the week...
"The biggest failure is giving up what you want most, for what you want now."

1. Me And Elder Wallace eating great food last P day.
2. Great Juice?
3. We buy Matching stuff! Haha yeah.
4. My Area is small, but trust me... It´s not easy to remember stuff
5. Verbs are my best friend...
6. We had a sleepover. haha
7. Different
8. NO!! I only have one bottle Left! and I can´t new bottles here anywhere! The only use Colgate, and I honestly don´t know if using colgate, or not brushing my teeth is worse.
9. This is getting outta hand... haha

10. They Call me Organized Oliver ;)

Monday, October 6, 2014

Little things mean a lot.

First.. I am living in La Victoria, the mission home is in La Molina. You know, because I'm sure you all care so much about where I am :)

General Conference.. So here in Peru this weekend was their elections, so we couldn't actually meet to watch conference, because riots and stuff, but I did watch some at a members house, when we were watching, I realized how blessed we are to live in Utah, the conference center, temple square. Oh man... You come to Peru and you'll realize how great Utah is.

After lots of fasting and Prayer, I know God gave me the right Companion, Elder Allasia helps me so much, but doesn't expect me to do everything, so I'm learning a lot, but I'm not ready to kill myself. haha

The longer I am here going to peoples houses, and other missionaries houses, I realize how blessed I am becuase our's is really nice... We have a padio that has an incredible view every night, I'll attach a picture. I have it pretty good.

But! It's not all sunshine and rainbows, the culture is very different, and at times, the mission proves to be very hard. for example... For some unkown reason People here don't believe in, "Inside Voices" and kids are VERY touchy. The other day at lunch we were waiting for our food so we were playing Uno... Same time a member was asking me a question, in you know. Spanish. Her four year old daughter was pulling on my arm, asking me 50 questions in...Spanish, everyone was yelling, and then a missionary started to poke my side because it was my turn....it doesn't sound bad, but I got furious real quick. Later that day, I kid pulled on my tie and messed it up really bad, so i'm down right livid...

That night... We were teaching a less active family, and they got a tablet. Thge mom was asking about family search, and asked if I had done it. I said yes, thinking I did haha... and when i logged on and she saw my whole family, the light in her eyes, I can't explain the feeling.

Then... Another less active family we visited, they have a daughter who is not even a year old, and the mom shows me this necklace they put on their daughter... It was of the temple, and the mom said, this is our goal, for our little girl. Our past three lessons have been about the temple..

Brings me to the statement... Little things mean a lot... I let little things make me furious... Then in the same day, the smallest things, made me want to cry.

My favorite Joseph Smith quote.... "For a man to be great he must not dwell on the small things, but he may enjoy them"

How true it is that small things will make our day good, or bad. It is our choice. Little things mean a lot. I hope and pray, we all enjoy the small things, but when a little kid pulls on your tie and ruins it, we won't dwell on it. As a missionary, you learn things fast. I learned that lesson, fast, but now I have to always remember it.

I love you guys, enjoy the small things of life. Have a good week. Don't get fat like me. :)

1. Fat.....
2. Soccer In peru, that is straight dirt.
3. When you´ve been in the field for a week. You eat a cake. Cheap! Cake 
4. I ate Bambi, and bambi was great.
5. The View I was talking about! Aww.... 
6. My Companion spends a lot of time on the phone.... So I draw.
7. My first Investigator paper I filled out myself! Woohoo!