Home! :)

Home! :)

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Emergency Transfers, and baptizing people

So there we were, Tuesday night, got done planning bien tranquilos, got a phone call. My companion left Wednesday Morning, due to emergency transfers. The best part? Well, my president didn't send me a new companion! I'm in a companionship of 3 now. Elder Wilding, and Elder Landetta, we live in the same room, but they have their area, and I have mine. I always thought preaching the gospel would be easier if you didn't have a companion. Ha, that's not the case! I'm a pretty tired. But, the thing is. I'm not alone. When you follow the commandments, you are never alone.

I'll get a companion October 6th. Until then, I've been doing some major divisions, from 2pm until 9pm. When I don't have anyone to acompany me, I'm in the other area. Among all that, got another call, and well, my older elder needed me back again! Saturday I got to baptize Alfredo Brown, let me explain how I met this 42 year old man. It was right after transfers, I had a new companion, I didn't know my area, It was 12 in the afternoon, I was hungry and hot. I remember clapping my hands and saying, "Alright Holy Ghost tell me where I'm going!" I saw a door, cracked open, and a guy watching tv. I really was sick of walking, and he had a nice couch, so I knocked on the door.I don't know if there in anything better than the first contact, to the baptism font. 

Working hard, I'm so pumped for confernce, I've been waiting for it the past 6 months. It's my favorite weekend in the mission. Above all. So It'll be a good week, gonna try and get two of the recent converts here to the temple on Thursday, I've decided when it comes to family search and peru, there's one of two things you can do. Wait for someone in the ward to help them, or break the rules, get on the computer and help them yourself. After waiting over a month, I'm sure you know I did. Other than that, another day, another soul

Have a great week!
I love you all.

2. My first White companion!
4. I sure do love cold water


Tuesday, September 22, 2015

He is SAVING your blessings

You felt like you were doing good things, following the commandments, trying your best to do what god says, and not get ANYTHING in return?... I know I feel like that a lot. Sometimes things just get worse the more obedient you are! Why is that? I'll respond at the end of this email, but think of that for a second.

This week was, hard. With every new companion, you have to get on the same page, and sometimes, one's in the middle of his book, and one is finishing his. I can't imagine how hard it is to be married, haha. I've found myself of my knees a few this week, asking like an object, instead of an agent, it's only when I prayed that I might know what to do, things got better, I didn't want to do it, but if you want things better, ya gotta do somethin!

We have a recent convert here, Emilia 80 years old, her daughter, Flor 40 years old, is listening to us, and has a date to be baptized on the 10th. With the strong influence of her mom, she'll do it. Flor has a 4 year old son, and It's hard to imagine the differnce Flor is making in his life, right now. She is changing his eternal future. And I get to be a part of it, what a blessing. We did some good ole contacting this week aswell, another week in the mission.

Elder Godoy was great, he talked about faith, and giving our best. He said that what we are doing right now, isn't suficiente. I believe that. Before the mission I thought, "People don't change, especially him, or her" That is wrong. So, so. wrong. In fact we are always changing. and what we are doing now, isn't as good as we can be.

To end, I'll answer my question. Why don't we always recieve blessings? Because The Lord is saving them, for when we need them most. Elder Godoy said, "The lord is using your mission as an excuse to bless your family, right now, and in the future"... So go on a mission, everyday is a mission, so change for the better, I know you can, and The Lord knows too.

Something funny?
Oh. haha yeah. An Elder is literally furious with me right now because I didn't trade him my tie he wants. He's a rich only child who has gotten everything he's ever wanted, well... haha not with Me! Luckily this cholo isn't my comp. Is that funny? No?. Well, it is for me because he's pretty upset, over a tie! haha moral of the story? Don't act like you're picked on. 

Get ready for conference! I'm SO STOKED.
I love you all.

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

No Subject

This week was good, pretty normal. We had a full week to walk, talk, and preach! I have been doing a lot of studying about Agency, and what it takes to be a good missionary. I've realized that the scriptures have to become us.

Sometimes when we teach, we apply the sciptures to the person, when really we need the sciptures more than them. Sometimes we read the scriptures, but the words go right over our head. This week I have been trying to make them apart of me. Because let's face it. If you're not converted to the Book of Mormon, especially if you're a missionary, Satan will get ya real good.

Elder Chicaiza are doing good. We're searching and studying how to help a struggling ward, and we found it all comes down to humility. Humility and Charity. if you don't love them, you arne't going to teach them, and if you aren't willing to be taught, you won't learn. This week we will finally go to our conference with Elder Gadoy the 70 of our area. I'm excited.

This week I had a lesson with a stake patriarca. That completes the list.
I've either been in a training or interview with the following.

Temple President
Stake President
Mission President

I'm missing the prophet, but maybe in the future!

No wonder I've learned so much in the past 1 and a half! I'm really blessed to be here, and to have felt the things I've felt. God loves each of us, and provides the chance for each of us to learn and grow. we just need to act with faith, and he will give us more than we can imagine.

Anything funny?
Always something funny.
So my companion is 27. When we're walking, We make old man jokes.
I said this to him after seeing a picture of him before his mission.
"Man I thought that was your dad because the picture was taken in the 90's! Oh wait, that's just how old you are."

We were contacting and this guy was reading the porn section in the newspaper. I looked at him and said, "Brother, How about I give you something better to look at" He looked at me, I gave him a card of Jesus Christ. haha

Contacting is awesome.

Yeah no pictures...
I'm going to get to it! Sometime.

I love you all!

Monday, September 7, 2015

Doing good is a pleasure,... A good beyond measure

Since I'm so old and mature now ;) maybe I should put hymns as my subject line instead of songs from the world. Honestly, I've never had a better birthday in my life than this week. I'll tell you why.

First, we taught like mad men. Second, Peru doesn't make many things right, but they can make a mean cheap cake. Third, well we'll get to that. 

1. Elder Chicaiza and I are doing great together, we are teaching this couple, Victor 26 and Astrith 23. She's a member, but less active since she was like 12, he's not a member. they have a son. Not married.  The first time we taught them, he pushed us around with his questions, We almost thought about dropping them because they weren't progressing, but Astrith reminds me of my family so I told them realllll good a thing or two, they came to church yesterday, this tuesday, they're gonna get a good lesson on Chasity! 

2. I've been incredibly tired so for my birthday I bought a cake, some Inca, we sang, talked ate, and that was it. They have a tradition to slam your head into your cake, but I'm not about that life, so it was pretty relaxed. Also our pension, Ilda, is awesome and made a sweet lunch, I'll put pictures.

3. Saturday we were studying and got a phone call. An Investigator in my last area I had was getting baptized, and wanted me to do it. So plans changed! We headed to my old area.(Perks of having a small mission) It almost made me crying seeing all those members again, and seeing Julio, my favorite member in all of peru, now the bishop. that four and a half months I had in that ward changed my life. Carlos Fernandez is the most humble guy I know. Let's talk about him, he lives in the mountains, like 150 stairs, plus a hike.... the first time we went to visit him, colder than penguins in Antartica, I burned him and dropped him faster than I got off the mountain. a month later, his wife who is a member ran into us in the street and said, "My husband wants to get baptized" we decided to give him a chance... well. He dreamed a dream! and we taught him. every night. the hike was horrible. haha. Saturday as I baptized him and saw him and his family, now together in the church. That made my birthday. It was a moment, I'll never forget.

Anything else? Oh yeah. Listen. I'm not that great of a person, but if you all will wake up, and do something more. You will be blessed and strengthened. Go read Ether 12. It'll tell you how. it goes really well with the hymn. "Have I done any good in the world today" If you haven't, get off your phone and go, someone needs you.

I love you all,
Here's some pictures.
1. No! My camera man...
I had some great ones too..
Next week. Next week!

How sad...