Home! :)

Home! :)

Monday, February 29, 2016

What can 40 days do to you?

After this week, I don´t know who you are or what you do. Go ahead and tell me the church isn´t true, and we will see what happens.

About 40 days ago we baptized a THIRTEEN year old girl here in Peru named Yadhira. Her dad lives in Flordia, and she went to spend summer break with him, after 40 years of drinking, women, working, divorce and a whole lot of other things I don´t know. Her dad accepted the gospel, and was baptized yesterday. In about 40 days. I sent the reference from here when Yadhira left. the missionaries there the SAME day went and visited him, they got there before Yadhira did. That is missionary work in 2016! Whether you are 13 and live in Peru or 40 and live in the US. The church is true and it can work for you.

Not good enough? About 40 days ago we met Freya. It is incredible what 40 days has done for her. We were teaching her this week and we knew something was missing, she accepted everything, I am pretty sure she has read the BOM more than a lot of members, the Word of Wisdom, chastity, Tithing, Sabbath day, but the heat in her heart wasn´t there. After a lesson with her in the morning we left and ate, as we were praying to leave to start our day Elder Aguirre shot up and said, I received revelation and we need to go back to Freya. 

So we went back, not knowing what to say, unable to teach a lesson or go into her house. But the spirit came, tears fell from her cheeks as she explained what really had been bothering her. We have since responded to the need and now have met her mom, and sister. She is nervous to be baptized, but like it says in D&C 6¨36. Look unto me in every thought. Doubt not, Fear not.

42 days is 1 transfer for missionaries. In 40 days Moses received the commandments, 40 days Jesus fasted and overcame Satan. 40 days he ministered after his resurrection. in 40 days a father changed his life, in 40 days Freya was converted. in 40 days anyones life can change. I know it is true. I don´t care if you are 13, 18, or 40. You can change your life in 40 days. Trust in god. Put the gospel to the test and it won´t fail you.

I love you all.
I would love to send some pictures but this computer is a joke.

Monday, February 22, 2016

The Power of a Smile

Two weeks ago we recieved a reference from a member in the USA, she wanted us to visit her dad here, so we went. His name is Ronald. He is 83 years old. He was adventista for 30 years but stopped going 6 months ago because he accepted the church was missing spiritual things. He still teaches bible classes and is the author of three books.

We talked about the Book of Mormon and read 3 Nephi 11 with him, he is SO humble and SMART, when he smiles It makes me happy because he is such a happy old man. 

Yesterday he came to church! By himself, he walked in with his same big smile and I told him, I am the happiest person in the world because you came! You laughed and said, ¨I am happy too so don´t think you´re the only happy man here.¨ 83 years old and accepting the gospel. Genial.

Freya is doing great, We wanted to get to know her parents but well, sometimes the daddy doesn´t want to talk to the two boys who are trying to baptize his daughter. Nonetheless she continues to read, and when she prays I can´t even explain it.

Have you ever been with someone as they pray to god for the FIRST time? and they just PLEAD for him? There is nothing in my mission I love more than that.I have never felt the spirit in a way as I do when she prays, I can´t help but smile. Yesterday at church we introducced her to Ronald, and he gave her the same smile he gave me, and it just hit me! Whether you are 83 or 18 the gospel works! It works as long as your heart is willing. Later Freya asked how we meant Ronald, I expained it was a lot like how we found her. This girl is converted.

So I have to say, that I know the gospel can work for you. All my mission I have wondered if the gospel would work for some people I know, and sometimes I doubted, but now I know. It works for everyone.

I have sweet pictures, but this computer doesn´t want to work with me.
Have a great week!
Do good things.
I love you all

Monday, February 15, 2016

Somehow I'll, make a missionary out of you

Three great things that happened this week.
Went to the Bistecca. A fancy buffet here in Peru.
Recieved sweet packages from home
Taught Freya with President Boswell
1. My good friend once told me there is no such thing as a good buffet. That just isnt true. for P day last week a member took Elder Aguirre and I. I ate Sushi, Cow Heart, a cazone, and a big oatmeal cookie. Excellent!
2. I am still not totally forgoten and people love me. Excellent!

3. President Boswell called me and wanted to go visit some people. So we took him to the most chosen person I have meant in my mission. Freya. We have taught her a few times, but she got sick and like women do when they get sick, shut down and block out everything from the world. But we hung in there. Taught her the Sabotth day, I asked her if she had ever heard of it, she responded no. This girl is 10x smarter than I am, but has never heard anything about the gospel. It blows my mind. She learns quick, President Boswell bore powerful testimony, she came to church, Then we ate lunch together. Boom.
But! there is always a but.
A returned missionary acompanied us a few times, when we visited her, and is studying the same career as her, It was a good connection. We ate lunch with him and his family, shortly after he changed and got ready to go to work. She asked me about the Sabotth day. The trust he had gained was immeditly broken. The one commandment he chose to break, may have changed everything.
I dont care who you are, or where you are at. But Young single adults especially, Dont think breaking a few commandments is okay, and dont think that you are too busy to study the gospel. Your actions will determine your destiony, and some things simply cant be redone.
And thats the gospel truth!
Yee! yee! 
1.Man Crush Monday. My man Nephi and Moroni.
2. I love the green grass and big trees. Whohhoo for one more in San Borja!
3. Anticucho. Cow heart, used to feed it to dogs, now I eat it. and I loveee it!
4. Giant Oatmeal cookie
5. Never thought I would eat like this in Peru. haha
6. Christmas came!
7. Members love us!

Monday, February 8, 2016

No work is in vain

I will be here in San Borja one transfer more, then I will go peacefully to my last area for 4 and a half months and die tranquilito. How blessed I am to be here again!

But look, I am nothing great, right? If anyone knows me It took me 6 years to learn English. Spanish, same thing happened. We all know I wasn´t always reading the book of mormon. But I want to share the power each of us have. In 18 months, I did this, a little boy from Ferron Utah.

Baptized 9 people, taught 1290 lessons. Found 207 new people, helped 163 go to church and contacted over 2000 people. 

Can you imagine what you have done in your life if I have done this in less than 2 years?

My point. My mom, her birthday is this week. Tell her happy Birthday. If by my works, which haven´t been much, The gospel has been preached. Can you imagine how many things have happened because of my 5 brothers and sisters who served missions?

My mother is responsable for everything I have done in Peru, everything that has happened in Jamica, Brasil, Georgia and California. I love my mom. I hope she, and everyone of you know that not of good act is wasted.  Who is responable for my mom? Our father in heaven. He knows things, my mom has acted, and we have been blessed

I am happy, and content, to be here in San Borja again with Elder Aguirre. There is a lot to do. a lot of praying and a lot of studying I need to do.
I have come to know, that I am nothing but an instrument the hands of god.
He has shaped me, and molded me. He is the potter, I am the clay.

Whatever you are doing, know that it will have effect in the future. No good act is wasted. Whether it is the gospel, or not. I am thankful for the hundreds of people who have, and continue to help me grow and learn.

I love Peru,
I love my momma,
I love the gospel.
I love San Borja!

1. Us at the big bank here in Peru
2. A member gave us a big Reeces bar, but this computer sucks. Just know that members love us haha.

Monday, February 1, 2016

Is anything better than teaching the gospel

I don't think many of us realize how great it is to teach someone the gospel to someone who has NEVER heard it. In Utah that's a little hard to do, but in Peru, it happens everyday. This week was good, better than last week.

Freya, (The referral who was watching friends the first time we visited her) is doing good. We taught her the Word of Wisdom and not only accepted it, but doesn't drink coffe or Tee, let alone alcohol. When this girl prays it makes me repent for the way I pray. She's a better person than I was knowing the gospel, and now the gospel will help her grown to be everything god wants her to be.

We are also teaching a single mom, recently divorced 32 years old with a 15 and 13 year old kids. I have never seen someone so stressed and tired as the mom. We are supporting her in everyway we can and she is accepting it. I think she's happier that we are teaching her kids and helping them, tonight we are going to dedicate their home because when you walk in, yeah you just know there's a lot of things going on.

Elder Aguirre and I are doing good. Just working, teaching. enjoying the time together. if everyone would stop moving out of our area that would be great, but it's fine!

I'm telling ya, there's not many things more sacred and spiritual than hearing someone pray for the first time. It puts a bigger smile on my face more than anything else. 

So go ahead pray. and I mean PRAY don't be like a missionary and make it such a habit you forget who is listening and what power he has.

I love you all.
Have a great week. 

1. Look I finally got all the Christmas Cards!
Thank you so much, everyone one of you ;)