Home! :)

Home! :)

Monday, November 23, 2015

Holy Patricia!

I got transfered. And it was a big one. Im in culture shock all over again. Santa patricia, or santa pituca, because it is the richest zone in our mission. Richer than any place I have every lived. If you arent driving a mercedes or audi, then you dont belong here. I never thought there would be a place like it in Lima Peru

My new companion is from Hondores. Elder Chavez. He is a great new missionary. before the mission he worked for starbucks, importorting coffe seeds. we are having an exelent time. I am enjoying the new area, I can breath! and there is not dogs chasing us everywhere. It will be a great place to be in during Christmas.

God, answers prayers. Just not how we think. Last transfer I was tired of trying to work in a ward who didnt want to.. I prayed that god would send me a solid ward. And he did. San Borja is great! But.... haha, always a but. Missionary work is not doing so hot at all. God answers our prayers so that we will grow, not just so we get what we want. 

So all can do is go up from here! Yesterday I was talking to a member who lives in Utah, he was asking how I felt in the differences here and there, and I realized, I love it here, and I have no desire to go home. There is nothing better to do than serve a mission. 

And lastly, we were eating with another family, every house I walk in I instantly start looking around their house to know what I can talk about, and cant. The first things I saw was two bikes, one with training wheels, other was for a baby. both pink and purple. Solid ice breaker. The first thing I asked the mom, "You have daughters? With a sad voice, she responded, I had daughters, now I have one. I changed the conversation, we ate dinner, then opened the scriptures.. The faith of the younge parents was incredible as they watched their 13 year old daughter suffer from cancer for 5 years. They never blamed the lord, they instead looked, and cried out for him for answers. And they came. The spirit fled the room and we all ended in tears.

God always answers our prayers, just not how we think. pray to him, dont shut him out. it will change everything in your life.

I will try and get my card reader figured out... NEXT week. haha

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Con todo debido respeto, y sinceramente con TODO debido respeto.. ;)

This monday marks the end of 6 weeks in San Cayetano. We'll know who's getting transfered after internet today. I love my companion. Elder Nunez is the bomb. we went nuts this week. it was a good way to end the transfer. It was also the primary program in our ward. I liked it more than I like listening to speakers. Little kids are awesome. The miguel I talked about last week didn't come to church, and thinks he's too busy to learn the gospel. But that's none of my buisness.

At times, I want to do what I want to do. Then god softly reminds me that, well. He's in charge. Last night I was tried, we did divisions, and at 8 we were calling it. 7:30 rolled around and our set visits fell through. I walked past where we eat, ready to go in. When the holy ghost whispered. "You better not quit" so I didn't. I contacted, got rejected, and reached 7:55. I thankfully knocked on the last door. A lady named Elizabeth answered with her 1 year old son. She just moved there. I got on her side quick when I told her my sisters name was Elizabeth. (That always gets them :) I explained the plan of salvation and why I was knocking on her door. She cheerfully invited us back over. 

Whether I go visit Elizabeth this thursday, or I get transfered it doesn't really matter. What matters is that I didn't give up, and neither should you. No one should. God will raise you up, even if you are nothing, or don't believe in him.

This life isn't for quitters!
so with all due respect, and I do mean with all due respect. Don't quit :) Knock one more door in your life. God will put something behind it.

They are not loading.
I'm sorry.
I had some great ones though. haha

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

I don't know subjects...

All throughout my mission I've always been more interested in The plan of salvation more than the restoration. I've always taught the restoration first, but always studied the plan of salvation more. They always came to me as two different subjects, not related. And I liked learning more about where I'm going, more than what happened to the priesthood after Peter.

I was reading this week, and it hit me that the two subjects are so closely related. The plan of salvation wouldn't exist without the priesthood, and the priesthood wouldn't matter if we didn't have the plan of salvation. Basically, to understand the temple, you need to understand both of them. I love how the gospel is organized, and how everything compliments each other.

This week was hard, Set visits were falling faster then flies. Knocking on doors went from them slamming in our face, to not even opening the door, to eventually not even getting up from watching tv. By Sunday I was exhausted. At 7 last night we had a visit with a 20 year old guy, named Miguel and his 19 year old girlfriend, Rosario. She's a member, active, he's not a member. We were on divisions so I was with a member. It was weird. Then Rosarios family came in. Her sister, mom, and grandmother. haha I tried to put myself in Miguels shoes. I wanted to focus on him, but I didn't want to make him more uncomfortable than he obviously was. I turned it into a family night. It was good, I set a visit with him for tonight and I left. Then something amazing happened.

He came out and ran up to me, and he began to cry. Maybe he thought I was a therapist? But poured out his life to me in the street at 8pm. He explained he wanted to do anything to make his girlfriend happy, they wanted to get married, after 2 and a half years, yeah with reason. Usually I would have laughed, but I realized they've peruvian, 20, not living together, and don't have children....So I listened! He said, "Rosario always talks about getting married in the temple, but I don't know what that is. I want to do it, but don't know how. Will you teach me?" Whether he's doing it for her or not, I don't know. But god wants him nonetheless. I invited him to be baptized, and he accepted. 

That's when it hit me. The restoration has everything to do with the plan of salvation. A lost 20 year old asked, and god answered. With these two doctrines we have in the church. His life will never be the same.

That made up for the whole week of disappointments. haha. 

Oh. I interviewed a 87 year old who got baptized this Saturday. it was awesome. Because he as well, only knowing the basics, has no idea the good he did for himself.
We were also ready to give him the holy ghost in case he went into shock because of the water ;)

Love you all
I don't have time to put pictures.

Thursday, November 5, 2015

Week after Week

Another week down in San Cayetano. It was a pretty normal week. We taught 18 investigadores. But only 4 came to church, trying to focus a little more on getting people to go there. We have one person with a baptism date so we're gonna hit the streets pretty hard this week finding some news.

Today Elder Nunez had an interview with president, after his interview I was getting ready to go and my companion said, president wants to talk to you. I felt like I was in grade school all over again and I just got called to the princapals office. I started to think If I've done anything bad, but I passed. haha we had a good talk, He told me about spiritual dominion and how we need to let our spirit dominate our thoughts and lives. It all starts with awarness. I'm going to be more aware where I need to reject the temptation to give into the needs of a human body. Basically, he told me I need to work harder. So fine I'll do it!

Umm, Halloween was great. I walked around giving little kids candy. Nothing will get 10 kids surrounding you faster than giving away american candy. haha it was awesome. 

Anything else? I'm trying to learn how to rap in Spanish. Haha It's like christain rap that just turns into hymns. We are having a great time. I love it here, I'm happy, healthy, and smiling. What else could you want in life.

I love you all.
Have a great week.
If anyone could email me that'ddd be greatt. ;)

1. Hand made 100% Leather shoes on nice temple grass :)
2. Every 3 months. People get saved 
3. Elder Wilding is my best friend
4. And so is my companion
5. Baptism from last week. hahah
6. This is about as wild as I got for Halloween
7. I made this for my companion, but I messed up! I always mess up :(
8. Oatmeal, Banana and Chocolate. Breakfast in peru :)