Home! :)

Home! :)

Monday, February 23, 2015

Do you believe in Miracles!

Nothin happened this week! haha just kidding. Stuff happens every week. This week. Miracles. ferrr dayyyyzzz. I´ll give you a couple examples. So we were going to a lesson we contacted. We knocked on the door, NOTHIN. But I saw a lady in the house. So I knocked on the window, hard. Right when she stood up I realized it was a different house. I onnocently asked for our contact. She explained he lives on the second floor, one houseover. She grabbed her keys and said, It´s my dad, I´ll let you in. MIRACLE! we walked up the stairs, there he was, reading the bible. Miracle! In the lesson he said he didn´t like them JW´s. Miracle! Great lesson.

Later in the week our whole zone went to one sisters area, because their numbers are crap, all they do is fight. We split up to visit non actives. Me and Elder  Meik, the Elder from my last zone, got together. Miracle! We went to visit a guy, he lived in a huge apartment building. We weren´t sure exactly what number was his, so we asked his neighbor, her door was opened. Miracle! We introduced ourselves, she invited us in. Miracle! We had a member. Miracle! She listened to missionaries 25 years ago. She was smart enough to answer our questions, but not so rich she was prideful. miracle! Probably one of the best restoration lessions I´ve had. She invited us back, hopefully them sisters do good.

Sunday we were in a lesson with a girl who´s been coming to our ward for six months, but lives in a different mission. I told her when I turned 8 I was moved up in a different primary group, and hated it. But It was the "rule" and we are not going to make her do what they made me do. Just do the best thing for her. We have our 3 month interview with president Wednesday, we´ll see what he says about it.

After that we ate lunch with a brazilian family. That was fun. After lunch my compaion was laughing and I asked why, he said "You don´t have any shame!" I asked if that´s a good thing or bad, but he just kept laughing. He never explained either? Doesn´t matter back to me! That´s it! HAve a good week!

Quote of the week
·Miracles are the natural result of the correct application of true eternal principles"

1. The rate I´m going people are going to start thinking I´m an 18 year old girl who doesn´t know who she is!
2. I guess the guy didn´t think I liked a hair line? I don´t know...
3. Yup, I Danieled my room.
4. I practice every day! I´m gettin good!
5. I got the Agenda Game
6. Dat Bible doe.

Monday, February 16, 2015

I know this might be wrogn, but I'm in love with Stacy mom

We did it. Straight gone on done it. 101 contacts. 101 people this week got approached. If you're in the street alone, I'm coming for ya. If you sell me something, you're mine. and if you're my taxi driver, well you better buckle up because you're gonna learn the restoration!

I don't know if 100 is really a lot for other missions, but for this guy, and our mission. It's pretty average. A contact just means a person we talked to and stated our names, purpose, invite them to church, share one little principle, and they get a nice little card. It takes anywhere form 1 to 5 minutes. Depending on the interest of the person.

Sadly, we don't have any progressing investigators. they all think they're busy or something. I don't know. But this week! Gonna get some people going! and 100 more contacts :)

Umm what else? I'm still eating bread and cheese every morning and night. Not a fan of that. Our pension. (The lady who feeds us) is named Verta. She has a problem or two. Money isnt one of them, but jimminy jibs it's a long story. but that's okay. Really, we went hard this week. And well when you go hard, and prosilite err day. there's not to say on Mondays.

So I'll end with this. I'm SO thankful to be in Peru, 21 lessons, 100 contacts, and 5 new inv. and it's really just a normal week. That my dear friends is a blessing. South America has 90 missions, 12 in Peru, in July 13. The second most in all of South America. Minus Brazil, Brazil is cruising with 34. I'm happy to be here, speaking Spanish, talking to people who'll listen, I grow to love it more and more each day. So really, to quote lebron james, "I ain't got no worries!"

That's it brothers and sisters! Can I get an amen? Amen! Have a good week :) Have a good week. Read the book of Mormon, I'm tellin ya. It'll change your life. 

Quote of the week
"Beautiful thoughts build a beautiful soul"

1. Out of all the things to eat... 
2. They thought it fun to have a water fight, I wasnt going to play, until one of them dirty  Hermanas threw water on my legs.
3. My man really likes the pictures haha
4. Oops I did it again!
5. They shouldn't have sent me here......... Because I want is the Cummins types of things!
6. It had wings....................WINGS.
7. Gotta get that six months in.
8.  I'm happy :)

10. Sometimes I wonder what I'm doing with my mission.....haha

Monday, February 9, 2015

Get dunded, Get dunked, Get dunked

Lonnnng week. Last Monday for P day, wen't to Gamarra. No cool. Tuesday, Best number day of the mission. Cool. Wednesday, went to the temple temple, granted people celestial life, Really cool. Thursday, zone meeting, then my zone leaders house, then to the hospital with him. Not cool. Friday, got credit for our phone, normal day. Cool. Saturday, baptism. Cool. Sunday, lots of meetings, cool, but not cool. It was a good week, but Jimmie jibs that's a lot of things for a week! So it was long.. haha

We have an investigator, she's 18, with a kid. Single. Not cool. Here it is normal to breast feed children whenever, where ever. Really Not cool. God loves her, and the gospel will help her though. Cool. Our baptism, Miguel 78 years old, testimony solid as a rock. Cool. He's going back to Northern Peru this week, not cool. Eat Break and Cheese every morning and night, not cool. We eat with a 25 year old guy who doesn't believe in god. Not cool, he speaks English, and is really smart. Cool. He's taught me a lot about the government here, and what words are fine to say, and what words are stupid. Cool.

That's the ole week. It's weird, because it's hard to imagine life is still happening at home. You're all making decisions, EVERY DAY. and I'm a missionary! It's awesome, I'm convinced, It's a lot more simple of a life. I wake up. Exercise (Sometimes) Take a shower, write in my journal, eat. Read the book of mormon. Plan lessons, visit people. Eat. Visit more people. Eat. Plan my day, go to bed. Repeat. Somewhere in there I pray about 10 times, walk a lot, and speak Spanish.

I got nothing else. You guys hang in there, ask me a question that you've awlays had. I like questions. I learn. Other than that. Have a good week, don't act like you're picked on. :)

Quote of the week
"If you work the way the world works, you can't fix it"
Justin Mcgown. It's ironic, because he was a missionary, but went home. haha

Pics bro!
1.  I'm tellin ya, It pays to send me letters.
2. Our zone. There's something funny about this picture. What is it?
3. The world split us up, but the temple always bring us back together :) What else is funny in this picture?
4. This, this is my zone leader. haha
5. I'm going to start eating at their house more often....
6. Fine! 103 degree fever, we'll go to the hospital.
7. Don't ride buses past six pm. It's hot, crowded, traffic, and people don't like you. haha
8. That isn't bad for one piece of white chalk?
9. Get dunked, dunked, dunked. This is a nice font, for a house church. haha
10. No I didn't dunk him.... But it's fine! He's dunked.
11. Elder Meik is my only friend in this zone full of Hermanas....

Monday, February 2, 2015

It's a new life for me and I'm feeling.....Gooood

Welcome to Surco, Lima! One of the prettier parts of Lima. Sadly, my new area, Surquillo is the ugliest in Surco, but that's okay because it's still nice! My new companion, Elder Chiroque is from Peru. That makes a grand total of four companions. Utah, Argentina, Peru, Peru. I like my new area. I can actually hear my footsteps when I walk. At night it's silent, not 15 drunk guys listening to music, or people getting shot. It's peaceful :)

The ward is small, and the work is hard. we had 21 lessons this week with only 1 new investigador, but this saturday we have a baptism. So that's cool. His name is Francisco. He's a beast. About 60 years old and has a testimony of a rock. He actually reads the book of Mormon. It's a miracle!

My room is small, and on the first floor. So that's sad. But we have hot and cold water! Ups and downs all through life I guess. Uhh... What else.. It's Feb! I honestly don't know where January went. Time is cruzin. Just trying to get to work in the new area. Stay humble, and not go crazy living in a small little room. Elder Chiroque is great. He goes hard on the work, so we'll be alright :) But I gotta emal my momma because it's her birthday this week!

Quote of the week
"When the great score keeper  comes, he counts not whether you won or lost, but how you played the game" ....Grantland Rice

Pictures! I have a lot.
1. Our First Picture together in the MTC
2. After almost six months of being in the same district, we depart. Love my main man Elder Wallace. God be with you my brotha
3.  My Companion, Elder Chiroque!
4. Would you believe me if I said I eat this everyday for breakfast, and dinner? :(
5. You guys are just too good :) (The Magnusons) Excuse my bed, I was changing my sheets
6. I ain't no pig!
7. Had to do some cleaning, but this is our room.
8. Our light is a lamp, and sadly lights the whole room pretty good...
9. Which one is mine? :)
10. Our Church is a house? I've never seen anything like it before!

I'll send more of the area next week :)

Peace & Love,

Elder Smith