Home! :)

Home! :)

Monday, May 9, 2016

Getting your socks knocked off

So there I was, tranquilito, eating chocolate cake last night thinking about my family after we skyped, looking forward to another transfer in my area, Thinking about where Elder Cueva is going... and then the phone rings, and it's President. We do some talking and then he's like, "Yeah let's quit the chit chat" at that moment I knew my life was over.

I am going to a place called San Gregorio. It is in Vitarte, I was in Vitarte before, but now it is another zone. I will have my first white companion, his name is Elder Andersen, great guy. and I now have to be a little more responsable... haha

Chosica has been great for me. I enjoy the mountains, but just let moises, and even the lord, they had to come down off their mountain and teach the people. It is funny how history repeats itself. haha Elder Cueva will do good things with his new companion.

Six weeks really isn't long enough in an area, but now I am certian I am going to my last area to die in peace, but President Boswell told me, and I know I need to work harder and more diligently than I ever have. Trunky doesn't exist for this guy.

1. Agenda. Nephi and Laban, great story.
2. Two sons. That is enough posterity.
3. I took a picture of everyone taking a picture.
4. Last district meeting. Apple pie
5. My area.
6. Always a place to play soccer
7. The best pensionista there is.
8. Going mexican
9. The Grand Canyon in Peru!


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