Home! :)

Home! :)

Monday, August 31, 2015

Three Hours with an Apostle changes your perspective on things

This week has been longngg. First, I got transfered. I'm now right next to my first area, but in a different zone. If we remember right, my first area was the most dangerous in our mission, I guess I'm just meant to live life on the edge :) My new Companion is Elder Chicaiza, he's 27 and from ecuador. Yeah, 27. haha We're gonna have a great time getting to know all the less actives who live in our area! There are 300 members, 70 are active. Welcome to Peru!

Then on Thursday we went to Elder Bednar, An apostle, his wife, a seventy, two mission presidents and 400 full time missionaries.. I've never felt the spirit so strong in my life. It was something I can never forget. The interesting thing is that he didn't just give a talk, no one gave a talk. He talked to us, and with us, we asked questions, he is the best teacher I have ever meant. I can't explain all the things I learned, but I can say this, I have a promise from an apostle that If I do two simple things, I will never fall away from the church, I always knew the principles, but now I feel it deep in my heart.

A whole bunch of stuff happened basically. and I'm turning 20 this week! Holla! It has been long, and crazy, but we continue on, I miss Portales, they are great people there, now I just gotta find that love again for San Cayetano. Have a great week. Get ready for conference! I'm so excited! 
Read the book of mormon, like always.

If you have any questions, email me. 
I love you all, I really, really do. My prayers are getting outraugously long because I'm so thankful that god put person, after person, after person in my life. 

The only quote I'm going to share from Elder Bednar.
"Pray like an agenty, not like an object"
What do you think that means? 

1. I HATE packing ties...
2. It pays to have members who love you :)
3. It was hard to leave them.
4. Julio Meza is my favorite. He's the new bishop now. Suprise? No. 
5. Fried Squid. Mmmmm :)
6. We're going to Elder Bednar!
7. The most dangerous areas have the best rooms. 
8. Great View...
9. Whoohoo!


Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Another Week

Another week, and transfer done. I´ve been in Portales for 4 and a half months now, and I honestly think I´ll be here for one more transfer. I´ve been hit with the spirit here more than any other time in my mission. People say, ¨Missions change people¨ How? Because when you witness people change their lives because of the the beuty of truth. It changes you.

We had a Family Night with F. Meza The 1st counsler, Luis the recent convert, and Family Brown. The inactive and non member. It was one of the sweetest lessons of my mission, as I listened to a 26 year old, humble, and broke as someone could be, testify of the blessing of baptism, to help a 40 year old woman, who is too scared to do so. Wow.

We´re also teaching a 16 year girl Hilary, and her Mom, Nelly. first visit, this girl was colder and heart more shut than anyone I had ever talked to. 2 months later, well. She read the BOM, and we know that changes lives. She is going to be baptized the 19th. 

I started packing my bags, probably going to go home and unpack them. haha. Our training with elder Godoy fell through. I don´t even want to talk about how mad I was. But. This Thursday, Elder Bednar.

Other than that? Happy,Healthy, Preaching the gospel. I have been reminded of this quote through the week, ¨The people who care, don´t matter, and the people that matter, don´t care¨ I dedicate that to all my leaders, people who slam doors at me, the black guy who always yells at me and tells me to get out of his country. haha I have a relationship with GOD and a great family. What else can really matter in our lives? 
1. Buen Provecha!
2. Our Pension is Awesome
3. Here to take care of your garbage, a big truck comes through the streets, when you hear the music ¨Neighbor, watchout for your health¨ You take it out... Well we are never home, and we´re not very good at it... haha
4. Would you believe me this package has something for ever 30 people? 
5. GENERAL CONFERENCE. Is probably my favorite weekend of the mission.
6. A year all wrapped up in two little books. Wierd right?
7. To the first knock on the door, to Sunday Lunch after church. Holla!


Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Overfilled with Blessings

I am a really, really blessed missionary. This week was busy. We had interviews. like you know, they're one of my favorite things of all my mission. then we got Luis interviewed for his baptism, Thursday we went to the dentist, Saturday we had the baptism. When someone bears their testimony right after they're baptized, the spirit is so different, and so special. There were more investiagators there than members, so that was funny, but overall, I'll never forget it. 2 months, from the first lesson, to the baptism, I was with him, it's proof that the gospel changes lives, fast.

Other news! Get this.... Friday, we have a training with the area seventy, Sweet. Next Friday, we have a training with Elder Bednar....Ya. I ain't kidding. I'm so excited I can't even explain. It's going to be a dump truck full of revelation. I am blessed to be here at this time.

This week I hit one year, and my companion asked me how I felt, I responded, "There is still a lot more things I need to do" I'm not or never will be finished. I will never be the same after my time here in Portales, these last 4 months here have made a bigger impression on me than anything else in my life. I strive to do more.

Luis. Baptized.

F. Brown. they danced in the stake activity on Saturday, we couldn't find Alfredo's papers, so really soon we're going to baptize him, and then Doris.

F. Arcaya. This week was the first time I've stared someone in the face, someone who is trying so hard, and told him he can't take the sacrament. We found his papers, and he has the priesthood, so he's gotta get married! Nonetheless they are progressing. He's in 2nd nephi 10, and she just read the explanation of Lehi's dream in 1 Nephi 12.

With all that, we're looking for a new room, we cleaned the church real good, and put 2 more on date.....I likkkeee.. that christtiannn life.

1. Dentist
2. Luis Villano.
3. Let's great ready to Rummmbllle!
4. There's two types of people in the world. People who wait for someone else to clean the church, and people who clean it. I'm one of the people who clean it.
5. Us four get things done!
6. Why baptizing men is better than baptizing women.
7. 1 year. Yee! Yee! In loving memory of Eler Frazier

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Things learned in Peru

If you ever look around this country, you'll notice that almost everything works, and is fixed, but never fixed right. Nothing is straight, or clean. I don't know if It's a good thing, or bad, but because of that. I figured out how to work my camera again, and we are in buisness! So none of you be sending me a camera. I'm a peruvian now :)

We had a good week. It went by really fast, Luis came to church yesterday so if you're wondering where I'll be this Saturday at 2pm. Well, I'll be at MZ D LT 39 Portales de Javier Prado Vitarte Lima, Peru. Most likely in a baptismal font :) It's been two months since we've first taught him. and we taught him everything! Even down to why we raise our hand us to a square in sacrament meeting. It has been awesome. teaching him, Lehi's dream was my favorite. I love it so much. I don't have many converts, but the ones I have, they read the book of mormon. and if you read the book of mormon, you'll be okay.

What else? Julio the first counsler came out with us a lot this week, everyone we're teaching really just has problems, and since he's a leader, he can help them more. After one lesson where an investigator asked, "Me and my exboyfriend live together, but we're seperated, and have 3 kids. We stay together in the home for them, but we're not, you know.. what does the church think of that" Haha after the lesson I patted him on a shoulder and said, "You should come out with us more often, you can teach, I can relax, and I can still count it as a lesson!"

Other than that, just preparing for a really busy week this week. Lima Central today, Interviews tomorrow, Dentist on Thursday. (I think I'm the only missionary who wants to go to the dentist when they have one year in the mission) Saturday Baptism. So I guess we'll see what happens!

I love you all, have a great week. You better keep praying. pray,pray pray, for some reason we taught that a lot this week.

Pictures! Where to begin??
1. That package though....
2. Porales and President at the Temple
3. Julio, 1st counsler, his wife, Yovanna, President of Relief society, and their son, Eduardo, or I just call him monster. haha they're probably my favorite family I've met in Peru
4. The biggest temptation in my mission. We can't eat food prepared by members, and never ever can we eat strawberries. but I mean, look at it. I just wanted to so bad! But. Like Corintios 10:13 says. I overcame my temptation.
5. We painted our pensions house..... I miss Elder Cldye.
6. This day, we had our district leader, zone leader, assistents, and presdient all in our room. Scary, right?


Monday, August 3, 2015

You becha!

Another week and another month, it's incredible how fast time goes by. This week was great. We taught a lot of people, people with real problems, the good news is, the gospel has real answers.

First, John and MariLou.... These two, they're awesome. They're going to get married on the 23 of September, then she'll baptized, and well, you know where that leads. :) He's finished Nephi in less than a week. When I was sitting next to him at church yesterday he told me he was 25, I couldn't believe it. I thought he was like 30. He seems like he's so much older than me, then I remember I'm almost 20.... Later we had a lesson with them, for the closing prayer, their 3 year old son wanted to say it.. Ay ay ay, It's been a while since I felt the spirit so strong.

I went of divisions this week with my zone leader, he's from a small town from Wyoming, so you know all we talked about what the ole Cummins turbo diesel. haha just kidding, it was really good, and we taught really well together. He taught me loads of things, and I actually put the things in practice, what do you know? Miracles exist. haha

I'm about out of time, oops. If more than anything, I want you all to know, whatever situation you're in. Don't leave everything you have to look for something new. we taught a man, living with his girlfriend, who is a faithful member of the church, he says bad things to her, and has all these dreams of doing great things. He was pretty high on his pedistool until I asked him, "Why are you looking for happiness when it's right in front of your face?" Pride man, I'm telling ya, it doesn't get ya anywhere!

Other than that, enjoying my time as a missionary :) There's no where else I'd rather be. Because this life is SICKKK.

Have a great week, and never forget your first love! That's god.