Home! :)

Home! :)

Monday, December 29, 2014


What a week! Number wise. Crap. at the beginning of the month we had 4 people with dates. One left Lima, One decided the church wasn't true, one won't read, and doesn't think we're serious. But one! Karla! She's doing great. She's 25 with a 5 year old girl. Hopefully she'll keep progressing.

I have a lot to say, but instead I want to talk about one beautiful word. Believe. As I was watching Polar express Christmas afternoon, the deep symbolism of the movie hit me.

To be honest, I really don't think I've changed much since I've been here, (Or so I thought) Everyday I pray and plead for patience, love, faith, hope, and charity, and it's frustrating because well... I'm not patient. I don't LOVE the people, or have much faith in many of them. When I was watching polar express. I realized I was missing a crucial word. Believe. Believe I'll grow to be all those things.

Then last night, I was lying in my bed and I realized where I was exactly 2 years ago.. I was lying in a cinderblock cell. I was in detention.  I remember it all so clearly. Wow... I have changed SO much in two years. I hadn't even read the Book Of Mormon a year ago. So now. Now I believe. I'll obtain those attributes I need to succeed as a missionary, and as a person.

I believe it'll take time. This kind of change is permanent. I'm not frustrated because of my weakness. I believe in the atonement. Continuous progress, through the continuous atonement. Wow. I'm so blessed. and happy. I hope we all will believe, believe in ourselves, as well as others. Then we can hear the sweet jingle, of that silver bell.

I love you all, be safe. Be smart. Pray Always. Enjoy the holidays. Believe.

Now... SOMEBODY PLEASE tell me what your favorite present this year was and why

Quote of the week
"Good decisions don't make life easy, but they do make it easier"

Christmas pictures!
1. At our Christmas party with other zones
2. President Boswell is a little taller than me...
3. We finally took a good picture together! Elder Meik, Elder Lebaron
4. "The three amigos" Remember? MTC brothers for life. :)
5. It's no Salt Lake, but it has it's own special feel
6. I've grown to love my little man. Elder Aspajo
7. That's a turkey, and the mom who made us Christmas eve Dinner!
8. I went on to have about five more plates.
9. Planeton and hot chocolate.
10. She even gave us presents :)
11. Merry Christmas....
12. Haha yeah.
13. We like cookies
14. Elder Frazier lives with me, and well. He speaks better Spanish than people here. I love the man
15. Merry Christmas My friends :)

Monday, December 22, 2014

Why are you on your phone right now?

Hey guys, You know it's Christmas. I still can't really comprehend that. I'm callin my momma in a couple days! :) haha This week, well... I had immigrations, for pretty much two days. Oh wait! I didn't get transferred! I'm still with Elder Aspajo in San Luis, it's nice because for Christmas I know what's going on, so that's good! But with Immigrations, we lost a good two days of work.

It was a slow week, a lot of people are leaving Lima for the holidays, because well... lima there isn't much. and really, I don't know why you're reading this. Spend some time with your family, and friends. If you're not with them, go. Because next year, you'll never know where you're at. Last Christmas I didn't think I'd be 4000 miles away, but yet here I am. So PLEASE go enjoy your family!

Little thought though, The other week Carlos asked me to pray in English, because he wanted his blessings in dollars. haha, it was a joke, every now and then he still asks me to pray in english but I agreed and prayed outloud in English for the first time in a good minute or two. Yesterday we were in a lesson with an investigator and he was with us, I said the opening prayer, we had our lesson, closing carlos said me, in english! to which I responded, I said the opening, and why in english? haha still as a joke, but then our investigator agreed me pray again in English.

Now I can say a pretty decent prayer in Spanish. You know it's nothing spectacular, but after 3 months in Peru, praying about 10 times a day, you get good. But I've always felt like I was looking for words, not talking to god. I don't know what happened last night, but as I started to pray, everything got silent. The two kids that were running around screaming, stopped and listened. I can't remember what I said. I prayed for her, and a testimony be born in her heart. It wasn't a long prayer. But I don't think I've ever felt the spirit so strong when I was praying. I could bearly speak. When I finished. Carlos explained, even though we can't understand him, it's a better prayer than isn't it? Our investigator agreed.

If angels weren't surrounding us in that moment, I don't know what was going on! haha, but there you go. There's a thought for you as you celebrate Christmas. Fall to your knees. Talk to your father. He knows you, loves you, and wants you. Power of prayer is real my friends.

Send me pictures of Christmas please :)

Quote of the week
Uhh.. I don't have one, I forgot.... So here's a good quote I use a lot
"Listen, just be a decent guy and don't be stupid. You'll be fine"
Daniel Smith.

1. One more transfer with the gringos! Sorry I ruined the picture, I was doing so many wrong things in it.. haha but they look good :)
2. Another great sunset in Lima
3. Tell me of a missionary who has better decorations than me?
4. Best Chapsticks in this world.
5. When you're awake before Peru, there's something wrong. (Immigartions)
6. I am a CHILD
7. Our P day is actually tomorrow, we just email today.

Monday, December 15, 2014

Sometimes....I get angry...

This week we got a phone call from the ward mission leader from a ward in Lima Central mission. He explained he has a referral for us, two people ready for baptism. The elders from Lima central have been coming into our area for the past three months to teach them...

When we visited them is when I became a little angry. Because we explained the rules behind how missionaries work. The other elders were everything but obedient. Then after some very direct answers to questions, we brought up the temple. haha... This is where I became livid. They didn't know a thing about the temple. Not even that it existed... If someone can explain to me why after 3 months those elders didn't talk about the BIGGEST and most IMPORTANT thing in this church. That would be great. There baptism date was the 27th. That's not going to happen. This my friends is a PERFECT example of why Peru has 3 million members of the church, and only 22,000 are active.

Baptism is not the goal. I speak only for Peru here because I don't know other missions. Baptizing is for boys. That's why 16 year olds can do it. Eternal life is for missionaries. CONVERSION. living with our families forever. With never ending joy is possible, and real. If an investigator can't give up coffee, or smoking. They don't understand the promise of eternal life, and if the missionary baptize that person without taking the time and effort to explain, then god have mercy on that missionary.

We changed our investigators dates because three or four weeks it's not possible. I want to go to the temple, not just stand in cold water... And that's all on that. haha

After emails we'll find out who's getting transferred. actually at 1 30. Then Tuesday we'll all transfer! It's kinda hard right before Christmas, but that's okay. I'm healthy, and happy. (For the most part) haha. Reall nothing else to say, we'll see what happens this week. :)

You guys hang in there. Get through the holidays. I can promise you if you think about god more than dollars, you will. :)


Go to temple square, and send me pictures :)

Quote of the week.

"It's not the mountain we conquer, but ourselves"


1. I love packages! and letters!

2. I am... so happy. I love my family!

3. The first real sunset I've seen here. Beut.

4. Now we're cooking! More please :) With all my new stuff I'm sending at least a letter a month because I got talked into it so If you want a sweet letter from me. You better get writing :)

5. Dogs here are lazy as the people! haha

6. Love my California Boy

7. It just tastes better when it's from America :)

8. I like nice bus rides when they're not 60 people.

9. Every week :)

Monday, December 8, 2014

I don't think you'll believe this email.

So there I was, having an average week. Thursday came around and we were in a lesson with Carlos. I noticed this bigger bag taped really well, and that was weird because no one tapes up dirty laundry, but Elder Aspajo used the bag as a chair and I didn't think about it again.

Friday we had our three-month interview with our president. I finished my interview feeling good. I sat and B.S. with Hermana Boswell and the other Elders for a minute or two, which was really like a hour. because you know. I like talking. :) haha but then we were on our way! A less fell through so we thought we'll visit Carlos, when we got there Rosa, (His Future wife) was in tears, and he was pancing around on the phone.

He explained he was starting some laundry, he opened a bag and realized it wasn't laundry, I instantly thought of that weird bag yesterday, so I asked, "The bag Elder Espajo sat on?" He said yes. The bag he explained had six packages in it. Weighing 8lbs each. 50 pounds give or take. It was all weed. Once he realized that, He threw it in the street (Stupid) and called the lady who left the bag, a man answered, and threatened Carlos' life. The man wanted his mowie wowie back. Carlos looked outside, and the weed was gone. So Carlos called the cops, who didn't believe him. They came to his house and Carlos called the lady again. Then they believed him. Right after they left is when we got there. They got the same amount of weed, and later that night they set up the meet and busted the guy.

Now I'm not up to date as I used to be on the price of it, but I know 50lbs costs a good dollar or two. haha. and my companion sat on it. It was all canabis (Unprocessed)

If that's not a good story, I don't know what is. I should have listened more carefully to the spirit when the bag caught my attention. You know... God knows things, and he tells us. We just gotta listen. Great week here in El Porvenir. I didn't get shot or robbed, and Carlos didn't die. Oh! and we have 3 SOLID investigators on date to be dunked. But more on that later :)

Enjoy the snow, and cold. Because it's flammin here. Dirty pollution putting holes in the ozone layer... haha #Science. I'm going to email my momma now. You guys hang in there.

Now... SOMEBODY PLEASE... Actually do what I ask!

Quote of the week.
"You can't fix yesterday, but you can fix tomorrow!"

1. One of the six bags. The cops let Carlos keep one. haha
2. Precious :)
3. I didn't like my breakfasts, so well. I changed it. Mangos here are bomb 
4. I'm getting good at doing my Planners! :)
5. I decorate here too!
6. All about that Christmas Spirit
7. For the first time in Forever!! :) :)
8. I snapped a quick pic in Gamarra. haha
9. Peru's Capitol Building
10. Welcome to Lima Central. We have literally floors of Souvenirs

Monday, December 1, 2014

Help me Tom Cruise!

A lot of people ask us, "Elders, what if? Why? How? Fix this problem, and do this" I say this with the most love I possibly can.... I'm fed up with it. Why? I'm glad you asked :) Missionaries, Members, Investigadores, I don't care. We are not using the most powerful resource on this earth. Your mom died? He felt that pain. You don't have enough money? He felt that. You have a deep grudge? He felt that. I am so throughly convinced if we aren't using the atonement of Jesus Christ every. single. day. We are letting our beloved savior, suffer for nothing.

Okay! Time to lighten up! Everything is fine. :) This week was problem after problem after problem, everyone wants us to fix the problems, but they aren't prayin! It's been a rough week, an elders mom in our room died, so that's naturally, you know. hard. I'm not going to complain, I'm happy, healthy, blessed, and reminded of the power the atonement has.

Since it was black Friday, I want to tell you about Peru's black friday, it's called Gamarra. it's actually in our area. Think of walmart, times it by five, and make it six square blocks. Every day That's gamarra. It's in our area, google it. :)

I love you all. It's hard to believe its december, the weather and atmosphere hasn't changed. Another day, another soul. haha have a good week, hang in there, and don't fall on ice. 

Build a snowman and send me the picture :)

Quote of the week
"Strength isn't something you have to gain. It's something you have to find inside yourself" Emma Smith

Pictures! Sorry I don't have much
1. This KFC is nicer than the one I worked at...?
2. Wohooo! we're going to Lima Central today!
3.  I think it's a sign.
4.  Elder Frezier likes to water our flowers... haha
5.  Lima is the 14th largest city in the world. It just never ends.