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Home! :)

Monday, March 30, 2015

I like Love, Love is patient, Love is Kind

Every week I put writing this big email off because there are some many great things going on in your lives and its much better than writing this, but nonetheless. Here it is. This week, was long, but it was great. Here's why.
Tuesday I threw up for the first time in four years.. Twice. I had a 101 degree fever, and my body ached. My plan was to never take a sick day my whole mission, but I had no other choice. I slept all day. Tuesday I still didn't feel that great, but dodn't matter! The lord blessed us with 6 lessons. Wednesday, 6 more. Thursday at Noon we started fasting. I wasn't sure if I should or not, but I figured I have more faith in god than Peruvian food anyway, so I fasted. We finished on Friday, by Saturday I felt great, great enough we walked all day, because all our visits fell through. Sunday too.
This week was great, because I recieved strength so far above my own. I felt the help of angles, more than ever in my life. God protects his servants, and I'm one of them. It was a good week.
This weekend is Conference, and I'm so excited, it's like. I don't even care what  happens from today to Saturday. Nothing makes me so happy to be a missionary, but so trunky at the same time as conference does, because I just want to be in Utah! But its fine. I'm excited to listen, its the best Sunday of the year.
Finally, I want to share one little experience. Sunday, we finished the day, and were walking home, a lady softly yelled, "Are you guys mormons, or JW's?" we turned around and decided we would explain. Her name is Sandra, she's 41, and from California. She is depressed, her family is in the US, she just got robbed, she can't get home, its been four years, she's smart, has a bachelors degree and a good religion background. It made me SO happy, because she listened to what I had to say, and the spirit was so strong, when I explained the power of the Book of Mormon. To be short, we invited her to a lunch in we're having this Thursday, I think she'll be there. She better be there, we're going to teach her. Her English is better than Spanish, so that'll be interesting, but it's fine. I hope she'll listen, and let the best thing on this earth, change her life. The Gospel of Jesus Christ.
That's it. Good week, Long, strong. Get ready for conference, if you can, go to it. It's awesome. Revelation is real, it's awesome too. You're awesome, this life is awesome. God Is awesome.
I don't have a quote, if you want, youtube my subject line. It's a great song.
I also don't have many pictures, because well. I was sick or fasting pretty much the whole week, and I wasn't thinking about pictures. haha
1. We played Monopoly last P day, The Lunch before I think is what made me sick.
2. The New Agenda.
3. This thing was good.

Monday, March 23, 2015

Love your life, Even if its a poor one

This week, was a good week, well it had its ups and downs. We had a multi zone on Wednesday, and it was great. I love my president. He is awesome, out mission has been doing really good lately, so that´s good. The spirit was strong and I learned a lot.

We had a ton of time to prosilite. and we did, so natually you would think something would have happened. But NOTHIN happened. At times, I loose faith in the whole human race. You tell me you´re too busy to listen for 1 minute, but yet when two people are yelling in the street you are gather around. That is frustrating.

Luckily enough, Elder Romero and I get along really well, and we don´t let the trouble discourage our days, or our hearts. I will tell you one thing that really did touch my heart this week.

So I´ve been called a lot of things in my life. Funny, Mean, Bad, Good, and Horrible. We had a lesson with a sweet less active lady and her husband. She offered the closing prayer, and in it she said, ¨Thank you for sending me these two angels¨ with tears rolling down her eyes. Out of all things I´ve been called. Daniel, Dannyboy, Dannit, Danfish, Smitty, Schmidt, and many many more. Nothing hit me more than when this lady called us angels. 

I don´t take any pride, or think I´m any better of a person now, but it was nice to feel appraciated. I love being a missionary, because I´m no Angel, but I´m surrounded by them.

Rosa read and highlighted all of L3, and she knew the whole lesson before we taught it. Shes awesome. I hope we get permission to dunk her. Mercedes and Victor are well... They´ve been better, yesterday we went to get her, and she  was in her bed, she fell again... So that´s not good. The last lesson on the week we had was a family home evening, that for some reason pretty much the whole ward was there. We taught about 16 people, about Charity, and I think it made up for all the crap that happened throughout the week.

There was two Canadians, and a Utah girl who came to Church yesterday. That was weird. Other than that... As the hymn says, All is well, All is well.

Quote... Lets see if I can remember it.
¨Trouble has no necessary connection with discouragment, discouragment, has a jerm of its own¨

Im not much of a speller, but remember that. Just because trouble comes, doesnt mean we should be discouraged. 

I love you guys! and boy oh boy do I love my savior.

1. I sure love my family.
2. I really, really do.
3. Here is my words when I saw this....¨Why would you not buy a cummins¨ It made me a little angry, because well. Why would anyone buy this? Or want to drive it.
4. There is a lot of good fruit here.
5. I like studying Spanish in the rain. =)
6. Este Patin. Aye aye aye
7. The tie, Of Elder Kent! You guys dont know Elder Kent, but he´s a great guy, and was a great missionary, one of my favorites. He sent me this before he went home, now hes just a poor 21 year old freshman. What a sad life. haha
8. Stalker pic. haha President Boswell is the best.


Monday, March 16, 2015

Aye aye aye! So this week, haha God got me this week. Elder Chiroque did get transfered! and well I´ll be honest. I messed up. I slacked off on getting to know the area, the members and the buses. This is not good my friends.

Elder Romero is my new companion. He is from Equador! This week was crazy, because well it started awful. In two days we had five lessons. Elder Romero was pretty much furious. and he ripped me a new one, as strong as what he said was. It was true, and so I of course, fell to my knees. I can´t describe to you, the turn around we had. Thursday he blew up, Friday when everything was done he told me his testimony and how happy he was, Saturday we taught really well together, and Sunday we finished we 22 lessons. He asked for a blessing Sunday night too. 

The power of the lord is incredible. I couldn´t be a missionary without god on my side. He blessed me with the humility, to accept that I screwed up. He blessed Elder Romero with the patience. Now we are really close, and we work well together. I know the area, we visit different people every day, all thanks to the lord, he carried me this week. He really did.

Rosa read all of the plan of salvation. When we teach her it makes me happy, because I can actually teach, she´s smart, and wants to learn, and LISTENS. holy miracles. She will get dunked on the 11th, but yeah we have no idea where, or who. 

We have a old couple who is lookin to get baptized too. When they were getting ready to go to church yesterday she fell. they came to sacrament, and after she went to the hospital. Holy cow, talk about faith. I hope we can really get them to commit.

It was kind of a long week, but it was a good one. We have a strong foundation for the next five. I´m so very greatful for the atonement of jesus Christ, and the strength, and love he has for me. To carry me and my problems. I love my mission man. I just straight love it. I couldn´t imagine being any other place.

In the subject line, The movie Robots, really underated movie. It was great.

1. I love this picture, I said something I can´t remember but heres our reactions. you have me right. I think I´m the funniest person in the room. The one from Honduras is like, smiling but really thinking, ¨Did he really just say that¨¨ The one from Equador didn´t understand. The one from Ohio is crackin up too, The one from the Jungle is wispering something else, probably naughty, and my companion. Well  I don´t know. haha

2. He was a good guy. Please forgive the words under the plaque. I don´t know who wrote them.
3. The, ¨Oh Crap I don´t know my area¨ Night. haha 
4. My New man. Elder Romero. His birthday is 3 days after mine. How cute.
5. I sure do like decorating letters.
6. At home I made this face a lot, and people would say, ¨¨When you make that face, I just want to punch you in the face¨ I think it has the same affect here. haha. What can you do?


Monday, March 9, 2015

I'm an Elder! I'm a straight up E

Well uhh, hello there. 

The transfer is over. Its a been a fast six weeks. Me and Elder Chiroque did good together, I think we'll be together for six more, but I really have no idea. A lot of leaders in our mission are going home today so we'll just have to say what the man up stairs has to say.

Last week I forgot to talk about my problems, One in praticular, Rosa. The ray of sunshine who's been coming to our ward but lives in a different MISSION. We got the permision to teach her, next week. She dreamed a dream, in one week read all of 1st nephi. She is dead set on getting dunked on the 11th of April. but you know, I can't baptize her. The decisions are in the stake presidents hands, and well, I'm just a missionary. Jimminy Jibs can't someone in my area want to get baptized? But no she's cool, we'll figure it out.

I contacted a guy this week, When I asked for his name he said he didn't have one. I laughed and said that's not important, We teach people with or without names! He wouldn't take my picture of jesus so I set it next to him on the bench and told him he could either take Jesus, or leave him on a bench. Then we walked away, when I looked back. He was reading the Jesus Picture. We see him in the park a lot, Every time I ask him if he has a name yet, he always says nope not today! 

This week didn't go as planned, and well nobody wanted to let the missionaries in. We did a lot of walking, and after you've contacted 400 people in one will area, the contacting gets rough. But that's okay. When They slam the door in my face I just say, "There's 14 million people in this city, we were just trying to help you but guess you don't want that" 

One Day I'm gonna get shot... haha but yeah okay, what else do you want to know? Its cooling down here finally, so that's good. It's the end of the transfer, and so everything could be different tomorrow. Fast week, fast month, fast transfer, fast mission, fast life. Better enjoy it while you got it!

Have a good week, I'll be prayin for ya. If you have any questions, go ahead. ask me. I ain't scared.

"I'd rather live my life believing in god, to die and find out he doesn't. Than live my life not believing, to find out he does"

1. Last Monday was 200
2. I don't care who you are or what math class you're in, this is harder!
3. Elder Chiroque has never had a nice agenda, and he doesn't know how to make them, so I made one for him!
4. I feel like it's the all seeing eye...
5. The zone of trunk... haha the not ready picture.
6. Elder Panta is going home tomorrow, how sad. Me and Elder Meik love him. (I don't know why we look like angles)


Monday, March 2, 2015

Yeah okay Ill get real honest real quick. I dont have anything to say, and this keyboard is not my favorite, all the buttons are sticking so Im going to be real short and to the point

This week was a good week, we had interviews, and my president is my best friend, so I always like talking to him. We talked about some things, I sat down and the first thing he said was, Elder Smith youve changed! But then explained it wasnt good enough. With a lot of love of course. I decided I was going to do better. For example, every week Ive written this email out before email, that´s not gonna happen anymore. I figure if I could type a paper in 20 minutes before its due, I can type an email. Spend more time reading the ole book of mormon in the morning! 

I decided, the mission is the best thing on earth. Im so tired, and so happy. I love the people here, and the message I share. I also love burning the crap out of people when they need to be burned. This week we had the most lessons Surquillo has had in quite some time. 24. which really could be better. But I´m happy with it. Me and Elder Chiroque work really well together. 

This is week 5 of 6 of the transfer. so next tuesday we´ll have transfers. so our plan is to go pretty hard this week because its likely Elder Chiroque will get transfered, because you know. All good things come to an end. haha

Thats about it my friends. I´m just trying to loose myself in this glorious work. All my thoughts, words, feelings, actions, minutes and days for him. Its not easy, but it feels so good. I love my area, I love my companion, I love my president, and I love our savior! Have a good week, I would email you individually, but since I only got 13 emails! Can´t really do that. haha. My last thought, I´ll ask a question me and elder chiroque ask at the beginning of lessons.....

If god was going to appear to you in one minute, and you could only ask him one question, what would it be?

Chew on that and let me know what you think!


1. I live two minutes from a pizza place...
2. I dont know what this bug was, but I hate it.
3. The end of March, every one of these bad boys will be gone
4. Ive been looking for the docterine for this FOREVER
5. Thats our room. haha
6. Bus bus bus!
7. I found ring pops in peru!