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Home! :)

Monday, May 16, 2016

San Gordito!

Great first week here in my new area. We have a great zone. Elder Aguirre and I just can't seperate. He is with my again, but just in my zone. At the end of my mission we will have 7 and a half months together in the same zone. I have been his companion, district leader, and now zone leader all at different times. I'm Totally going to go to Colombia to visit him.

Elder Anderson is my hero. he is pure. He is one of those people that you don't even have the desire to sin when he is around. We do great work together. Everyone is willing to listen to us because he is tall, blonde, and blue eyes, and well I am white too. haha. Sometimes people ask if we are brothers. It is funny. Talking mad english though... 

This week we got to know some good people. One girl made me laugh. She is a less active, and we were looking for her cousin, but she came around the corner and talked to us, we invited her to church and she was like, "I am a dancer and after we perform I go to after parties and so I can't go to church because I feel bad for the things I do the night before" That was so ridiculous for me and didn't think about her again.

Few days later we went back to visit her cousin, and we run into her again, and she told us, "I am done dancing, It is not worth it, my body hurts, I was awake until 4 am last night, will you guys teach me? My boyfriend wants to listen too, he always asks me what we  believe but I honeslty don't know" It gave me a good laugh how fast people can change. We agreed as long as her boyfriend was there. We are always looking for priesthood holders. haha

Here comes the spiritual part...
We were teaching her cousin.... Returned missionary. 34 years old. Returned missionary, not married. His girfriend is 25, she has a 15 year old, and they have a girl together. She is not a member. I was talking to them and just wanted to throw in the towell.

then that still small voice said, "If you don't have hope, they never will"

I have learned that. If I don't bring the spirit to the house, they won't  feel it. If I don't believe in the power of hope, they won't either. We don't do things for law. We do them to help people. I know it is true. 

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