Home! :)

Home! :)

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Onlyl thing constant in life is change

After 4 1/2 months in San Borja. I have transfers. This area has grown to be my favorite and the hardest it will be to leave. Favorite area, strongest converts, great members, favorite companion.... Yeah, hopefully I don't cry.

Nonetheless a long time ago when I had 6 months in the mission I had a strong impression I would finish my mission in a zone called "Chosica"... Well that is where I am going. and I will continue to have posterity as I train a new missionary.

I have learned. "We never look back, longing to go back. No matter how good or bad those times were. Faith is always in the future."

These next two weeks will be crazy. First, conference is my favorite weekend of the whole year. especially in April. Second, next week is the elections here for a new president, so everyone is going crazy with that. 

Yestday I fasted, and I couldn't think of anything else but to thank god for all he has done. Fasting is a great way to recieve blessings quick, but it is also a great way to show god how thankful we are for him. Any other missionary could have came here and taught and baptized the people I have, but he let me. He saved me. and has poured blessings over me and my family.

The mission is the best decision I have made in my life.


2. Cooki is my favorite dog is peru.
3. But Daddy is cool too.
4. Causa and Chicha. Peruvian food. You can't beat it.

6. David was baptized a long time ago and went inactive. Just like every other peruvian. He fed us this week to thank us for finding him. I love this family.


Wednesday, March 23, 2016

The Temple is ALWAYS the goal

This week I've expeirnced something I never have before. 

Contact someone, teach them all the lessons, Baptism them, and enter into the temple and participate in Baptisms for the dead. two missionaries, and one very chose investigator. 

On Thursday we went to the temple with Freya. We had to sacrefice some things to get her membership number and interviewed for her temple reccomendation so fast, but it all worked out. and 4 days after she was confirmed a member we went to the temple! She had never seen the temple here in Lima before, it kind of blew my mind but it was awesome, out of all the people I have seen enter in the temple for the first time, she was the most relaxed, we did a good job explaining everything before, but still, did better than I did what I first went in. haha

I don't know why the lord let two sinners like Elder Aguirre and I batpize a chosen daughter of god, but I am so thankful he has, it has been one of the biggest blessings of my mission. 

I love this time of the year, it's not so hot, and easter conference in the best weekend in the year. 

Pictures1. First time she ever saw a temple, went in.
2. She's just awesome.
3. Elder Brown was in my district in the MTC but went to another mission, it was good to see him.
4. Great Way to ruin a beutiful car.
5. I tied up the cat. haha
6. Lima Central
7. River Rimac, Dirtiest River I have ever seen. 
8. We Like Pizza

Monday, March 14, 2016

Aprender de nuestros errores y ser mejores

Another week down in San Borja. We confirmed Freya, it still doesn't click in my head she is a member, but one day! She is doing good, hopefully this week we can start teaching her sister.

Oh I recieved revelation. I now know how missionary work progresses.
This is what happpens.

A girl is born into the covenant, she is baptized when she is 8 years old. At the ages 16 to 22 she fades away, goes to parties and meets a boy who is not a member. And he becomes her boyfriend. Well since the girl was born into the covenant, even though she isn't keeping the commandments, the dream of a temple marriage never leaves her mind. After dating the boy for a year or so, she brings up temple marriage, and calls the missionaries. He is baptized for her, and if they are lucky, they get sealed in the temple. If they are not lucky, well it's complicated.

How did I come to know this? We are teaching three Boyfriends who's girlfriends are members. Three. and every single one of them have asked us about the temple. Haha. Así son mujeres. Así son. 

We had a training from Elder Robbins this week. General authorities love coming to peru. Why? Well It is the Utah of South America. Pretty soon there will be a 3rd temple. He talked about a lot of things, but weirdly, most about families. I was confused if I was a full time missionary, or a returned, but what he said I liked.

The mission, is probably the hardest university to get into, and to graduate. It is also the best university in the world, where you will learn most. You won't learn about Math or science, but you will learn things about the heart and soul. 

If it true, maybe there is a future for me. haha
I have pictures this week!

1. Such a convert, President had to come.
2. I write good, my companion draws good. Good things happen.
3. This is peruvian heaven.
4. Members love us so much.  I didn't even eat trix cereal is the US!
5. We had a good activity aswell.
6. Working so hard fell asleep in his chair... haha


Tuesday, March 8, 2016

I Stnad All Amazed

I don´t even know what to say.
Sunday as we baptized Freya, I don´t know why god let 2 sinners like Elder Aguirre and I teach, and baptize a girl who has commited less sins than us without being a member of the church. I know the atonement is real.

Wednesday we visited Freya, we thought she was still without a real answer that the church is true. We did the interview questions. When I asked her, ¨Are you ready to make this covenant with god?¨ The spirit fled the room and she said yes, then I asked why. Her answer struck my heart, ¨More than anything, The Book¨ 

The best and only real converts in the church are those who know the Book of Mormon is true.

Yesterday in Sacrament meeting, before her baptism Freya stood up, and bore her testimony, as an investigator she bore her witness that the church is true. I have never seen that in my life.

In this mission you can find a lot of chosen people, but you don´t find Freyas.

Last thing, tell her parents, and she told them good. Yesterday the whole family came to the baptism, the only thing she ever wanted from the start.
At her baptism also came our President Boswell, his wife, parents and kids. Also an ex Mission President and current 70. The most powerful baptism I have ever been too. 

I stand all amazed of how powerful the gospel is and the effect it has in our lives.That it allowed me, Daniel to baptize someone in the name of Jesus Christ and that person is now free from sin, and from the past..

If the gospel isn´t working for you the way it is for Freya, I invtite you to call the missionaries and ask them to teach you the lessons. There is power in simple things. You will learn as you simplify more.

Sacrafice brings forth blessings. 

I have more but this computer lab is a joke. Just know that it was awesome, and I know there is no better thing I could be doing in my life.

1. Her her family.
2. Give a Colombian, a Gringo, and the holy ghost 40 days and this is what happens