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Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Bread and Water

We had a good time this week. Out of all those news we found I want to talk about two families.....

One. A 35 year old man Dennis with his 25 year old wife, Loydit and their 2 year old son, Dominic.... They have been together for years, and months ago we visited by the missionaries. One day we were walking by and he was washing his motorcylce, and she was sitting on it. I pointed to them and said to my companion, "The motorcycle always gets the girl" he laughed, we walked by, then Elder Anderson stopped, and said, "Let's talk to them" I think their lives will be eternally changed for the prompting my companion listened too.....

We talked, and let us in. We had a great lesson, went back, they let us in again, two great lessons. We taught the plan of salvation and they loved it. They aren't married, but they are more united than a lot of couples I know that are sealed in the temple. When I see their little boy I think of my Nephew who's name is Dominic aswell and it stirs my heart. They will continue to progress.

The other family is a inactive wife, Cecilia, her husband, Ulises, and their son. Oliver. She is a member, they are not married. She had the humility to come to church two weeks ago, show up out of nowhere, and said "I am unmarried, inactive and I need help" That is humility. We visited them three times now. her husband is ready all he can. I am sure their eternity has been changed becuse of her humble heart.

When Moses wanted to throw in the towell, he cried unto god and said, "Take my life!" I am done.... An angel appeared and said "There is bread and water in your tent, go back, and get things done"... When all the problems come, God gives us Bread and water, and we are blessed to keep going because that is when the miracles come! Just ask Moses, when he crossed the Red sea.

 I got to a point in my mission where I said, Ya, done. The lord then gave me bread and water. He gave these two families their bread and water.
I am amazed of the love God has for his children.

Went to the temple today, recieved mad revelation. There has been nothing of more worth in my life than my time here. I thank the lord for my challenges, and I ask for more. This is the true church and I will preach it for all my life.

1. We went to the zoo!
2. You see how he is bitting the fence? Well I was talking a selfie with him, and he bit me! Malcriado!
3. The whole zone
4. The we went interchange crazy! Elder Grover
5. Elder Charca. Bolivian!
6. Waiting for the bus to come.
7.Stake Conference. He got mad after my joke. haha
8. The work horse.
9. The last time at the temple in Lima Peru for now.. I have no idea what I am going to do without President Boswell...
10. The zone.


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