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Home! :)

Monday, February 29, 2016

What can 40 days do to you?

After this week, I don´t know who you are or what you do. Go ahead and tell me the church isn´t true, and we will see what happens.

About 40 days ago we baptized a THIRTEEN year old girl here in Peru named Yadhira. Her dad lives in Flordia, and she went to spend summer break with him, after 40 years of drinking, women, working, divorce and a whole lot of other things I don´t know. Her dad accepted the gospel, and was baptized yesterday. In about 40 days. I sent the reference from here when Yadhira left. the missionaries there the SAME day went and visited him, they got there before Yadhira did. That is missionary work in 2016! Whether you are 13 and live in Peru or 40 and live in the US. The church is true and it can work for you.

Not good enough? About 40 days ago we met Freya. It is incredible what 40 days has done for her. We were teaching her this week and we knew something was missing, she accepted everything, I am pretty sure she has read the BOM more than a lot of members, the Word of Wisdom, chastity, Tithing, Sabbath day, but the heat in her heart wasn´t there. After a lesson with her in the morning we left and ate, as we were praying to leave to start our day Elder Aguirre shot up and said, I received revelation and we need to go back to Freya. 

So we went back, not knowing what to say, unable to teach a lesson or go into her house. But the spirit came, tears fell from her cheeks as she explained what really had been bothering her. We have since responded to the need and now have met her mom, and sister. She is nervous to be baptized, but like it says in D&C 6¨36. Look unto me in every thought. Doubt not, Fear not.

42 days is 1 transfer for missionaries. In 40 days Moses received the commandments, 40 days Jesus fasted and overcame Satan. 40 days he ministered after his resurrection. in 40 days a father changed his life, in 40 days Freya was converted. in 40 days anyones life can change. I know it is true. I don´t care if you are 13, 18, or 40. You can change your life in 40 days. Trust in god. Put the gospel to the test and it won´t fail you.

I love you all.
I would love to send some pictures but this computer is a joke.

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