Home! :)

Home! :)

Monday, February 15, 2016

Somehow I'll, make a missionary out of you

Three great things that happened this week.
Went to the Bistecca. A fancy buffet here in Peru.
Recieved sweet packages from home
Taught Freya with President Boswell
1. My good friend once told me there is no such thing as a good buffet. That just isnt true. for P day last week a member took Elder Aguirre and I. I ate Sushi, Cow Heart, a cazone, and a big oatmeal cookie. Excellent!
2. I am still not totally forgoten and people love me. Excellent!

3. President Boswell called me and wanted to go visit some people. So we took him to the most chosen person I have meant in my mission. Freya. We have taught her a few times, but she got sick and like women do when they get sick, shut down and block out everything from the world. But we hung in there. Taught her the Sabotth day, I asked her if she had ever heard of it, she responded no. This girl is 10x smarter than I am, but has never heard anything about the gospel. It blows my mind. She learns quick, President Boswell bore powerful testimony, she came to church, Then we ate lunch together. Boom.
But! there is always a but.
A returned missionary acompanied us a few times, when we visited her, and is studying the same career as her, It was a good connection. We ate lunch with him and his family, shortly after he changed and got ready to go to work. She asked me about the Sabotth day. The trust he had gained was immeditly broken. The one commandment he chose to break, may have changed everything.
I dont care who you are, or where you are at. But Young single adults especially, Dont think breaking a few commandments is okay, and dont think that you are too busy to study the gospel. Your actions will determine your destiony, and some things simply cant be redone.
And thats the gospel truth!
Yee! yee! 
1.Man Crush Monday. My man Nephi and Moroni.
2. I love the green grass and big trees. Whohhoo for one more in San Borja!
3. Anticucho. Cow heart, used to feed it to dogs, now I eat it. and I loveee it!
4. Giant Oatmeal cookie
5. Never thought I would eat like this in Peru. haha
6. Christmas came!
7. Members love us!

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