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Home! :)

Monday, February 8, 2016

No work is in vain

I will be here in San Borja one transfer more, then I will go peacefully to my last area for 4 and a half months and die tranquilito. How blessed I am to be here again!

But look, I am nothing great, right? If anyone knows me It took me 6 years to learn English. Spanish, same thing happened. We all know I wasn´t always reading the book of mormon. But I want to share the power each of us have. In 18 months, I did this, a little boy from Ferron Utah.

Baptized 9 people, taught 1290 lessons. Found 207 new people, helped 163 go to church and contacted over 2000 people. 

Can you imagine what you have done in your life if I have done this in less than 2 years?

My point. My mom, her birthday is this week. Tell her happy Birthday. If by my works, which haven´t been much, The gospel has been preached. Can you imagine how many things have happened because of my 5 brothers and sisters who served missions?

My mother is responsable for everything I have done in Peru, everything that has happened in Jamica, Brasil, Georgia and California. I love my mom. I hope she, and everyone of you know that not of good act is wasted.  Who is responable for my mom? Our father in heaven. He knows things, my mom has acted, and we have been blessed

I am happy, and content, to be here in San Borja again with Elder Aguirre. There is a lot to do. a lot of praying and a lot of studying I need to do.
I have come to know, that I am nothing but an instrument the hands of god.
He has shaped me, and molded me. He is the potter, I am the clay.

Whatever you are doing, know that it will have effect in the future. No good act is wasted. Whether it is the gospel, or not. I am thankful for the hundreds of people who have, and continue to help me grow and learn.

I love Peru,
I love my momma,
I love the gospel.
I love San Borja!

1. Us at the big bank here in Peru
2. A member gave us a big Reeces bar, but this computer sucks. Just know that members love us haha.

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