Home! :)

Home! :)

Monday, August 3, 2015

You becha!

Another week and another month, it's incredible how fast time goes by. This week was great. We taught a lot of people, people with real problems, the good news is, the gospel has real answers.

First, John and MariLou.... These two, they're awesome. They're going to get married on the 23 of September, then she'll baptized, and well, you know where that leads. :) He's finished Nephi in less than a week. When I was sitting next to him at church yesterday he told me he was 25, I couldn't believe it. I thought he was like 30. He seems like he's so much older than me, then I remember I'm almost 20.... Later we had a lesson with them, for the closing prayer, their 3 year old son wanted to say it.. Ay ay ay, It's been a while since I felt the spirit so strong.

I went of divisions this week with my zone leader, he's from a small town from Wyoming, so you know all we talked about what the ole Cummins turbo diesel. haha just kidding, it was really good, and we taught really well together. He taught me loads of things, and I actually put the things in practice, what do you know? Miracles exist. haha

I'm about out of time, oops. If more than anything, I want you all to know, whatever situation you're in. Don't leave everything you have to look for something new. we taught a man, living with his girlfriend, who is a faithful member of the church, he says bad things to her, and has all these dreams of doing great things. He was pretty high on his pedistool until I asked him, "Why are you looking for happiness when it's right in front of your face?" Pride man, I'm telling ya, it doesn't get ya anywhere!

Other than that, enjoying my time as a missionary :) There's no where else I'd rather be. Because this life is SICKKK.

Have a great week, and never forget your first love! That's god.

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