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Home! :)

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Overfilled with Blessings

I am a really, really blessed missionary. This week was busy. We had interviews. like you know, they're one of my favorite things of all my mission. then we got Luis interviewed for his baptism, Thursday we went to the dentist, Saturday we had the baptism. When someone bears their testimony right after they're baptized, the spirit is so different, and so special. There were more investiagators there than members, so that was funny, but overall, I'll never forget it. 2 months, from the first lesson, to the baptism, I was with him, it's proof that the gospel changes lives, fast.

Other news! Get this.... Friday, we have a training with the area seventy, Sweet. Next Friday, we have a training with Elder Bednar....Ya. I ain't kidding. I'm so excited I can't even explain. It's going to be a dump truck full of revelation. I am blessed to be here at this time.

This week I hit one year, and my companion asked me how I felt, I responded, "There is still a lot more things I need to do" I'm not or never will be finished. I will never be the same after my time here in Portales, these last 4 months here have made a bigger impression on me than anything else in my life. I strive to do more.

Luis. Baptized.

F. Brown. they danced in the stake activity on Saturday, we couldn't find Alfredo's papers, so really soon we're going to baptize him, and then Doris.

F. Arcaya. This week was the first time I've stared someone in the face, someone who is trying so hard, and told him he can't take the sacrament. We found his papers, and he has the priesthood, so he's gotta get married! Nonetheless they are progressing. He's in 2nd nephi 10, and she just read the explanation of Lehi's dream in 1 Nephi 12.

With all that, we're looking for a new room, we cleaned the church real good, and put 2 more on date.....I likkkeee.. that christtiannn life.

1. Dentist
2. Luis Villano.
3. Let's great ready to Rummmbllle!
4. There's two types of people in the world. People who wait for someone else to clean the church, and people who clean it. I'm one of the people who clean it.
5. Us four get things done!
6. Why baptizing men is better than baptizing women.
7. 1 year. Yee! Yee! In loving memory of Eler Frazier

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