Home! :)

Home! :)

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Another Week

Another week, and transfer done. I´ve been in Portales for 4 and a half months now, and I honestly think I´ll be here for one more transfer. I´ve been hit with the spirit here more than any other time in my mission. People say, ¨Missions change people¨ How? Because when you witness people change their lives because of the the beuty of truth. It changes you.

We had a Family Night with F. Meza The 1st counsler, Luis the recent convert, and Family Brown. The inactive and non member. It was one of the sweetest lessons of my mission, as I listened to a 26 year old, humble, and broke as someone could be, testify of the blessing of baptism, to help a 40 year old woman, who is too scared to do so. Wow.

We´re also teaching a 16 year girl Hilary, and her Mom, Nelly. first visit, this girl was colder and heart more shut than anyone I had ever talked to. 2 months later, well. She read the BOM, and we know that changes lives. She is going to be baptized the 19th. 

I started packing my bags, probably going to go home and unpack them. haha. Our training with elder Godoy fell through. I don´t even want to talk about how mad I was. But. This Thursday, Elder Bednar.

Other than that? Happy,Healthy, Preaching the gospel. I have been reminded of this quote through the week, ¨The people who care, don´t matter, and the people that matter, don´t care¨ I dedicate that to all my leaders, people who slam doors at me, the black guy who always yells at me and tells me to get out of his country. haha I have a relationship with GOD and a great family. What else can really matter in our lives? 
1. Buen Provecha!
2. Our Pension is Awesome
3. Here to take care of your garbage, a big truck comes through the streets, when you hear the music ¨Neighbor, watchout for your health¨ You take it out... Well we are never home, and we´re not very good at it... haha
4. Would you believe me this package has something for ever 30 people? 
5. GENERAL CONFERENCE. Is probably my favorite weekend of the mission.
6. A year all wrapped up in two little books. Wierd right?
7. To the first knock on the door, to Sunday Lunch after church. Holla!


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