Home! :)

Home! :)

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Things learned in Peru

If you ever look around this country, you'll notice that almost everything works, and is fixed, but never fixed right. Nothing is straight, or clean. I don't know if It's a good thing, or bad, but because of that. I figured out how to work my camera again, and we are in buisness! So none of you be sending me a camera. I'm a peruvian now :)

We had a good week. It went by really fast, Luis came to church yesterday so if you're wondering where I'll be this Saturday at 2pm. Well, I'll be at MZ D LT 39 Portales de Javier Prado Vitarte Lima, Peru. Most likely in a baptismal font :) It's been two months since we've first taught him. and we taught him everything! Even down to why we raise our hand us to a square in sacrament meeting. It has been awesome. teaching him, Lehi's dream was my favorite. I love it so much. I don't have many converts, but the ones I have, they read the book of mormon. and if you read the book of mormon, you'll be okay.

What else? Julio the first counsler came out with us a lot this week, everyone we're teaching really just has problems, and since he's a leader, he can help them more. After one lesson where an investigator asked, "Me and my exboyfriend live together, but we're seperated, and have 3 kids. We stay together in the home for them, but we're not, you know.. what does the church think of that" Haha after the lesson I patted him on a shoulder and said, "You should come out with us more often, you can teach, I can relax, and I can still count it as a lesson!"

Other than that, just preparing for a really busy week this week. Lima Central today, Interviews tomorrow, Dentist on Thursday. (I think I'm the only missionary who wants to go to the dentist when they have one year in the mission) Saturday Baptism. So I guess we'll see what happens!

I love you all, have a great week. You better keep praying. pray,pray pray, for some reason we taught that a lot this week.

Pictures! Where to begin??
1. That package though....
2. Porales and President at the Temple
3. Julio, 1st counsler, his wife, Yovanna, President of Relief society, and their son, Eduardo, or I just call him monster. haha they're probably my favorite family I've met in Peru
4. The biggest temptation in my mission. We can't eat food prepared by members, and never ever can we eat strawberries. but I mean, look at it. I just wanted to so bad! But. Like Corintios 10:13 says. I overcame my temptation.
5. We painted our pensions house..... I miss Elder Cldye.
6. This day, we had our district leader, zone leader, assistents, and presdient all in our room. Scary, right?


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