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Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Sometimes, things just make sense

I have a really bad habit of doubting myself. Sometimes I find myself doubting my knowledge, or doubting my testimony. This week, we found a 23 year old girl, who seemed really interested. We sat down, and she gave us a REAL talk, but at the same time, we walked in a contact, married couple, he´s inactive, but not because of any commandments, and she, well she wants an eternal family.

God heard my prayers, and on Wednesday we got a call that the assitants are coming to our area, obviously my first thought was, ¨Uh oh.. Have I been bad?¨ But turns out, I have nothing to fear so they came and it was awesome. We had a great day, and like always I learned a lot. Friday, as we were talking about the day, the assitants got a call from President Boswell. He was downstairs, and wanted in! Aye aye aye, then I thought again, ¨Man I must really be messing up!¨ 3 areas, the man has came to visit me in all 3! But it again was of love, short, to check our room, which of course, is clean.

Then Sunday, well after a week of dilligent prayer and study, we went to the Trujillo temple dedication. It was brodcasted in each stake in all of Peru. When I doubt myself, I ask, ¨What do I need to do, to make sure I never fall away, or fail¨ Yesterday I was softly, but throughly reminded, all I need to do, what I must do. Is go to the temple. 

The spirit was so strong as I listened to President Uchtdorf speak, and many others. I don´t have any plans to get married, but I do have plans to go to the temple often. Because lets face it, I will fail, and anyone else will fail if we aren´t going to the temple. Satan is too strong. The temple, is the only thing stronger, and we will win. 

I now know, for sure. that I will always doubt my doubts, before I ever doubt my faith. My mission is the only mission in all of South America that goes to the temple as a mission together, every 3 months. I´m here for a reason. 

I know, really serious, but it was a serious week! and this week, we have a multizone, and well... President Uchtdorf and Elder Bednar in the country, the area offices are right next to the stake center of our multizone, The area seventy is best pals with my president. I am not certain about anything, but you know what I´ll be praying for!

Have a great week, pray with faith! Do work!

I have pictures, but my camera got messed up or something, because I can upload them, I am sorry, I even had a picture with President Boswell and his wife to show you! Dangit....

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