Home! :)

Home! :)

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Shattering Peaches

It's June! I don't know where May went, but I guess that's alright. Today is transfers, and I'm probably getting a new man, but we will see after email.

This week was good, we didn't teach very many lessons, but the ones we taught were strong. I like those more. I'm not about teaching kids or women so the number of lessons went down, but they were good. we found a few new people this week, which were awesome. Or so I think. In all my mission I have found about 76 new people, which isn't that much... but it is SO HARD to get them to progress. A lot of times you teach them once, then never see them again. It's sad.

We had stake conferencia? Sorry, I forgot how to spell that in English. but it was good. Our Mission President preached, it was good direction for me of what I need to do better, to help our ward. 

Other than that? If you have a minute go read the June liahonna story called "Shattering Peaches" It's not even a page, but has a powerful story, that really struck home with me this week.. 

I'm learning, growing, teaching. Really been focusing on the restoration. Because let's face it. That's the best message we got. we are the only ones who have it. You ever watch the Best two years? What discussion was it that made them both cry? Pretty sure it was about a 14 year old boy prayin in the woods. :)

Our ward has a lot of work, but I feel the closest to them then I ever had with any other ward here. So I am SO excited to do all i can to help. I did however... Just find out L. Tom Perry died....That's just... Sad you guys better go read about what he said about the family in the last conference. 

I don't have many,
1. Yup, hoodies and soup exist on the mission too
2. he got 3 haircuts in 6 weeks, does that seem crazy to anyone else?
3. Thuggin
4. That's my mission
5. We look High and Low. What happened is that we met a guy at the bottom of the mountain. He said he lived in Sector 7 and he was AWESOME so we went to find sector 7.... well.... it was a LOT higher than we planned, and he wasn't there. Got good pics though :)


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