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Monday, June 15, 2015

Big Bull Legged, Fuel Injected, Running Wild, Radar Detected

This week, was awesome. We just worked, and worked, and worked. My companion thought he was going to be sick, worked right through that. haha we have this activity every thursday called, ¨Missionary Night¨ Well ever sense I got here, the activity was a joke. less than 20 people came, last week only 8.

So we had it, we invited men, women, kids, and dogs this week. And we did something spectacular. I´ll give you a brief overview. A long time ago I read a story about donuts, and a seminary teacher, some kid who was a trouble maker, the story was about the atonement, and I loved it! So..... We re did it. the spirit was so strong, as we had one guy do 90 pushups for every single person to recieve a little chocolate candy, that represented Eternal Life. When someone said, ¨No I don´t want the chocolate¨ The spirit practically bashed through the door.

We ended with a video called ¨Falling Plates¨ Go watch it. Awesome. That was thursday, I was feeling pretty good, teaching 4 or 5 lessons every day, Sunday was good, 4 less actives came to church and 2 investigadores. along with the most members in all my time here. 164. 

Then, aye aye aye... There is this couple who is less active, sealed in the temple, who want to get divorced, after 25 years and 7 kids... We had a lesson with the two of them, alone. So I walked in there with my pistols loaded. one of my ALL time favorite 3 verses of holy scripture. favorite President Monson story, and a video. We reached half time, it was looking like a solid lesson, go to the video, it´s tilted ¨Together Forever¨ When I told them the video the wife looked at me with sad eyes and said, ¨A long time ago I wanted to be together forever. Now, No.¨

So we watched the video. After she expressed why she said such a sentence. ¨After so many years of hoping and waiting, praying and fasting, the husband didn´t change a bit, and now, the past 2 months, he´s trying, but until he really is changed, I am not going to believe in him.¨

As a last stand, one in the champer, the 3 verses we read were in Moroni. 7 40 to 43. I told her that, ¨Moroni had hope, and for what!? He walked 35 years, carrying heavy plates, alone, unmarried, without friends or family, hiding in rocks because everyone wanted him killed. What was his hope? It didn´t come until he visited Joseph Smith, and until he translated the book of Mormon, Then 2 elders came into your house, to talk about this book.Is that faith? Yes. Is that hope. Yes. You don´t give up. You never. give up.¨

She gave us a nod. I don´t by any means think she is all sorts of happy. But The spirit can work miracles, though anyone. I guess, I told you all this to say, You do not give up. None of us, especially members of the church don´t Give up.

I have some great pictures, but this computer won´t let me attach them. How sad.... I will send them next week.

Have a great summer! Im jealous of everyone of you who breathing that great USA air. haha

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