Home! :)

Home! :)

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

It Kills Me Not To Know This, But I've All But Forgotten

President Boswell loves transfers! That's my mission president, he is so awesome, I decided not to just say "My President" If you care about me, you gotta remember his name, because I love him. :)

I'm still here in Portales, with Elder Clyde, but we got new compaions! I won't lie, I was pretty ready for that. haha To my suprise, my new companion has only four months in the misson, my first thought was, "Uh oh.. Does that mean I have to know all the scriptures?!" In one short week I have been deeply reminded, that I do not know anything, the Holy Ghost, is the teacher. All I do is talk.

My momma sent me a package, which included my Pat. Blessing, which I somehow forgot to bring with me. I got it when I was 14, I'm bearly starting to understand it nearly 6 years later. I won't get into detail, but it talks about being blessed with desire. I have never thought "Desire" To be a blessing, but I sure do now. As I woke up every morning with such excitement to hurry through my FREEZING shower and study, then talk to EVERY last human thing. Including dogs.

I see miracles every day, and it's hard to pick what exact ones I want to share with all of you. Nonetheless, here ya go. It was 11:30 am. I'm walking in the mountains, me, being me, I said, outloud... haha "Alright holy ghost I'm ready for you to tell me where to go!" five minutes later we waked past this house, the door was cracked open, I saw a few key things. FIRST. he's a man, I can teach him right now. SECOND. that couch is nice, and I'm sick of walking. THIRD. He's just watching TV, so I turned around, knocked. Alfredo, and Doris Brown were a little more than excited to let us in. They're married, she prayed like a week ago and said the words every missionary dreams to hear. "God Help me, I don't know what to do."

Being a missionary, is awesome. Living the gospel is better. Having the desire to share this message of joy. I thank god every single night for the privlage I have to do it all day, everyday.

Have a good week, teach the gospel is all you do, and if necessary, use words.

1. I like big packages and I can not lie! you other missionaries can't deny!
2. I'm going to be bringing home toothpaste in a year! The sacrafice of my mom humbles my heart every day.
3. You just can't beat the BOM
4. Go to CTR clothing, they said, it will be fun they said... BUT they never said when your laundry lady mixes up all your socks with another elder! Pucha!
5. They think they're going to fix our cold water.
6. haha.... ha. ha. I secretly hope it works.
7. I love these two.
8. Elder Jacome, the new comp of Elder Clyde
9. He's a bit new in the mission, but we'll break him in REALL good. haha  his name? haha Elder Of the Eagle. I'm not even kidding. Elder Del Aguila

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