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Monday, June 29, 2015

How Many Faces Do You Have?

So last week I talked about a girl named Jennifer who gave me a real talk, haha. That was NOTHING compared to the talk President Boswell gave all of us at our Multi Zone this week. This week was awesome, I love my area, and I need to better in some things.

We had a good week this week with a lot of great lessons. The Family Brown is progressing, the wife accepted a date to be baptized FINALLY. She is a little weird but has one of the softest hearts I know. The Family Campos, the ones who want to get a divorce hugged! I was shocked as my companion stood up and told them to sit face to face and he gave them a REAL talk. After the lesson I told him, ¨Cograts elder, for the first time in your mission you talked like a man!¨ It was really funny. We work really well together.¨Elder Of The Eagle, my companion was having some tooth pains this week, so we went to the dentist, we lost a little bit of time, and he is in in for the long run, but dental care is a lot cheaper here than the states so he will be okay.

Now, that Multi zone... Aye aye aye. First thing he talked about our hair, that´s not a problem. I don´t have sideburns and can´t grow my hair out past half inch so thats good there! haha but then... He talked about courage, and being the same person no matter where we are, or who we are with. That one hit me hard. He continued with pictures of Returned missionaries from our mission who posted pictures on facebook of things that were horrible. in the scriptures it talks about the wrath of god. When President was talking... that was the first time I felt it. It inspired me to do so much better, and to be clear, no matter what anyone says or any country says, I will not turn my back on my god who saved me from the depths of hell. From now on I only have one face.

Other than that. Pretty good week! We lost a little time but we have some great seeds planted, and I love this area more than any other one I have been in. It´s just the promised land. to end here is a quote. 

¨Be the same person you are in the light, as you are in the dark.¨

Have a great week! My camera is still not working. man... How serious my emails are and how little of pictures I am sending you´re gonna bet bored, but I´m trying!

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