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Home! :)

Monday, March 23, 2015

Love your life, Even if its a poor one

This week, was a good week, well it had its ups and downs. We had a multi zone on Wednesday, and it was great. I love my president. He is awesome, out mission has been doing really good lately, so that´s good. The spirit was strong and I learned a lot.

We had a ton of time to prosilite. and we did, so natually you would think something would have happened. But NOTHIN happened. At times, I loose faith in the whole human race. You tell me you´re too busy to listen for 1 minute, but yet when two people are yelling in the street you are gather around. That is frustrating.

Luckily enough, Elder Romero and I get along really well, and we don´t let the trouble discourage our days, or our hearts. I will tell you one thing that really did touch my heart this week.

So I´ve been called a lot of things in my life. Funny, Mean, Bad, Good, and Horrible. We had a lesson with a sweet less active lady and her husband. She offered the closing prayer, and in it she said, ¨Thank you for sending me these two angels¨ with tears rolling down her eyes. Out of all things I´ve been called. Daniel, Dannyboy, Dannit, Danfish, Smitty, Schmidt, and many many more. Nothing hit me more than when this lady called us angels. 

I don´t take any pride, or think I´m any better of a person now, but it was nice to feel appraciated. I love being a missionary, because I´m no Angel, but I´m surrounded by them.

Rosa read and highlighted all of L3, and she knew the whole lesson before we taught it. Shes awesome. I hope we get permission to dunk her. Mercedes and Victor are well... They´ve been better, yesterday we went to get her, and she  was in her bed, she fell again... So that´s not good. The last lesson on the week we had was a family home evening, that for some reason pretty much the whole ward was there. We taught about 16 people, about Charity, and I think it made up for all the crap that happened throughout the week.

There was two Canadians, and a Utah girl who came to Church yesterday. That was weird. Other than that... As the hymn says, All is well, All is well.

Quote... Lets see if I can remember it.
¨Trouble has no necessary connection with discouragment, discouragment, has a jerm of its own¨

Im not much of a speller, but remember that. Just because trouble comes, doesnt mean we should be discouraged. 

I love you guys! and boy oh boy do I love my savior.

1. I sure love my family.
2. I really, really do.
3. Here is my words when I saw this....¨Why would you not buy a cummins¨ It made me a little angry, because well. Why would anyone buy this? Or want to drive it.
4. There is a lot of good fruit here.
5. I like studying Spanish in the rain. =)
6. Este Patin. Aye aye aye
7. The tie, Of Elder Kent! You guys dont know Elder Kent, but he´s a great guy, and was a great missionary, one of my favorites. He sent me this before he went home, now hes just a poor 21 year old freshman. What a sad life. haha
8. Stalker pic. haha President Boswell is the best.


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