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Home! :)

Monday, March 9, 2015

I'm an Elder! I'm a straight up E

Well uhh, hello there. 

The transfer is over. Its a been a fast six weeks. Me and Elder Chiroque did good together, I think we'll be together for six more, but I really have no idea. A lot of leaders in our mission are going home today so we'll just have to say what the man up stairs has to say.

Last week I forgot to talk about my problems, One in praticular, Rosa. The ray of sunshine who's been coming to our ward but lives in a different MISSION. We got the permision to teach her, next week. She dreamed a dream, in one week read all of 1st nephi. She is dead set on getting dunked on the 11th of April. but you know, I can't baptize her. The decisions are in the stake presidents hands, and well, I'm just a missionary. Jimminy Jibs can't someone in my area want to get baptized? But no she's cool, we'll figure it out.

I contacted a guy this week, When I asked for his name he said he didn't have one. I laughed and said that's not important, We teach people with or without names! He wouldn't take my picture of jesus so I set it next to him on the bench and told him he could either take Jesus, or leave him on a bench. Then we walked away, when I looked back. He was reading the Jesus Picture. We see him in the park a lot, Every time I ask him if he has a name yet, he always says nope not today! 

This week didn't go as planned, and well nobody wanted to let the missionaries in. We did a lot of walking, and after you've contacted 400 people in one will area, the contacting gets rough. But that's okay. When They slam the door in my face I just say, "There's 14 million people in this city, we were just trying to help you but guess you don't want that" 

One Day I'm gonna get shot... haha but yeah okay, what else do you want to know? Its cooling down here finally, so that's good. It's the end of the transfer, and so everything could be different tomorrow. Fast week, fast month, fast transfer, fast mission, fast life. Better enjoy it while you got it!

Have a good week, I'll be prayin for ya. If you have any questions, go ahead. ask me. I ain't scared.

"I'd rather live my life believing in god, to die and find out he doesn't. Than live my life not believing, to find out he does"

1. Last Monday was 200
2. I don't care who you are or what math class you're in, this is harder!
3. Elder Chiroque has never had a nice agenda, and he doesn't know how to make them, so I made one for him!
4. I feel like it's the all seeing eye...
5. The zone of trunk... haha the not ready picture.
6. Elder Panta is going home tomorrow, how sad. Me and Elder Meik love him. (I don't know why we look like angles)


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