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Monday, March 30, 2015

I like Love, Love is patient, Love is Kind

Every week I put writing this big email off because there are some many great things going on in your lives and its much better than writing this, but nonetheless. Here it is. This week, was long, but it was great. Here's why.
Tuesday I threw up for the first time in four years.. Twice. I had a 101 degree fever, and my body ached. My plan was to never take a sick day my whole mission, but I had no other choice. I slept all day. Tuesday I still didn't feel that great, but dodn't matter! The lord blessed us with 6 lessons. Wednesday, 6 more. Thursday at Noon we started fasting. I wasn't sure if I should or not, but I figured I have more faith in god than Peruvian food anyway, so I fasted. We finished on Friday, by Saturday I felt great, great enough we walked all day, because all our visits fell through. Sunday too.
This week was great, because I recieved strength so far above my own. I felt the help of angles, more than ever in my life. God protects his servants, and I'm one of them. It was a good week.
This weekend is Conference, and I'm so excited, it's like. I don't even care what  happens from today to Saturday. Nothing makes me so happy to be a missionary, but so trunky at the same time as conference does, because I just want to be in Utah! But its fine. I'm excited to listen, its the best Sunday of the year.
Finally, I want to share one little experience. Sunday, we finished the day, and were walking home, a lady softly yelled, "Are you guys mormons, or JW's?" we turned around and decided we would explain. Her name is Sandra, she's 41, and from California. She is depressed, her family is in the US, she just got robbed, she can't get home, its been four years, she's smart, has a bachelors degree and a good religion background. It made me SO happy, because she listened to what I had to say, and the spirit was so strong, when I explained the power of the Book of Mormon. To be short, we invited her to a lunch in we're having this Thursday, I think she'll be there. She better be there, we're going to teach her. Her English is better than Spanish, so that'll be interesting, but it's fine. I hope she'll listen, and let the best thing on this earth, change her life. The Gospel of Jesus Christ.
That's it. Good week, Long, strong. Get ready for conference, if you can, go to it. It's awesome. Revelation is real, it's awesome too. You're awesome, this life is awesome. God Is awesome.
I don't have a quote, if you want, youtube my subject line. It's a great song.
I also don't have many pictures, because well. I was sick or fasting pretty much the whole week, and I wasn't thinking about pictures. haha
1. We played Monopoly last P day, The Lunch before I think is what made me sick.
2. The New Agenda.
3. This thing was good.

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