Home! :)

Home! :)

Monday, March 16, 2015

Aye aye aye! So this week, haha God got me this week. Elder Chiroque did get transfered! and well I´ll be honest. I messed up. I slacked off on getting to know the area, the members and the buses. This is not good my friends.

Elder Romero is my new companion. He is from Equador! This week was crazy, because well it started awful. In two days we had five lessons. Elder Romero was pretty much furious. and he ripped me a new one, as strong as what he said was. It was true, and so I of course, fell to my knees. I can´t describe to you, the turn around we had. Thursday he blew up, Friday when everything was done he told me his testimony and how happy he was, Saturday we taught really well together, and Sunday we finished we 22 lessons. He asked for a blessing Sunday night too. 

The power of the lord is incredible. I couldn´t be a missionary without god on my side. He blessed me with the humility, to accept that I screwed up. He blessed Elder Romero with the patience. Now we are really close, and we work well together. I know the area, we visit different people every day, all thanks to the lord, he carried me this week. He really did.

Rosa read all of the plan of salvation. When we teach her it makes me happy, because I can actually teach, she´s smart, and wants to learn, and LISTENS. holy miracles. She will get dunked on the 11th, but yeah we have no idea where, or who. 

We have a old couple who is lookin to get baptized too. When they were getting ready to go to church yesterday she fell. they came to sacrament, and after she went to the hospital. Holy cow, talk about faith. I hope we can really get them to commit.

It was kind of a long week, but it was a good one. We have a strong foundation for the next five. I´m so very greatful for the atonement of jesus Christ, and the strength, and love he has for me. To carry me and my problems. I love my mission man. I just straight love it. I couldn´t imagine being any other place.

In the subject line, The movie Robots, really underated movie. It was great.

1. I love this picture, I said something I can´t remember but heres our reactions. you have me right. I think I´m the funniest person in the room. The one from Honduras is like, smiling but really thinking, ¨Did he really just say that¨¨ The one from Equador didn´t understand. The one from Ohio is crackin up too, The one from the Jungle is wispering something else, probably naughty, and my companion. Well  I don´t know. haha

2. He was a good guy. Please forgive the words under the plaque. I don´t know who wrote them.
3. The, ¨Oh Crap I don´t know my area¨ Night. haha 
4. My New man. Elder Romero. His birthday is 3 days after mine. How cute.
5. I sure do like decorating letters.
6. At home I made this face a lot, and people would say, ¨¨When you make that face, I just want to punch you in the face¨ I think it has the same affect here. haha. What can you do?


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