Home! :)

Home! :)

Monday, December 1, 2014

Help me Tom Cruise!

A lot of people ask us, "Elders, what if? Why? How? Fix this problem, and do this" I say this with the most love I possibly can.... I'm fed up with it. Why? I'm glad you asked :) Missionaries, Members, Investigadores, I don't care. We are not using the most powerful resource on this earth. Your mom died? He felt that pain. You don't have enough money? He felt that. You have a deep grudge? He felt that. I am so throughly convinced if we aren't using the atonement of Jesus Christ every. single. day. We are letting our beloved savior, suffer for nothing.

Okay! Time to lighten up! Everything is fine. :) This week was problem after problem after problem, everyone wants us to fix the problems, but they aren't prayin! It's been a rough week, an elders mom in our room died, so that's naturally, you know. hard. I'm not going to complain, I'm happy, healthy, blessed, and reminded of the power the atonement has.

Since it was black Friday, I want to tell you about Peru's black friday, it's called Gamarra. it's actually in our area. Think of walmart, times it by five, and make it six square blocks. Every day That's gamarra. It's in our area, google it. :)

I love you all. It's hard to believe its december, the weather and atmosphere hasn't changed. Another day, another soul. haha have a good week, hang in there, and don't fall on ice. 

Build a snowman and send me the picture :)

Quote of the week
"Strength isn't something you have to gain. It's something you have to find inside yourself" Emma Smith

Pictures! Sorry I don't have much
1. This KFC is nicer than the one I worked at...?
2. Wohooo! we're going to Lima Central today!
3.  I think it's a sign.
4.  Elder Frezier likes to water our flowers... haha
5.  Lima is the 14th largest city in the world. It just never ends. 

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