Home! :)

Home! :)

Monday, December 8, 2014

I don't think you'll believe this email.

So there I was, having an average week. Thursday came around and we were in a lesson with Carlos. I noticed this bigger bag taped really well, and that was weird because no one tapes up dirty laundry, but Elder Aspajo used the bag as a chair and I didn't think about it again.

Friday we had our three-month interview with our president. I finished my interview feeling good. I sat and B.S. with Hermana Boswell and the other Elders for a minute or two, which was really like a hour. because you know. I like talking. :) haha but then we were on our way! A less fell through so we thought we'll visit Carlos, when we got there Rosa, (His Future wife) was in tears, and he was pancing around on the phone.

He explained he was starting some laundry, he opened a bag and realized it wasn't laundry, I instantly thought of that weird bag yesterday, so I asked, "The bag Elder Espajo sat on?" He said yes. The bag he explained had six packages in it. Weighing 8lbs each. 50 pounds give or take. It was all weed. Once he realized that, He threw it in the street (Stupid) and called the lady who left the bag, a man answered, and threatened Carlos' life. The man wanted his mowie wowie back. Carlos looked outside, and the weed was gone. So Carlos called the cops, who didn't believe him. They came to his house and Carlos called the lady again. Then they believed him. Right after they left is when we got there. They got the same amount of weed, and later that night they set up the meet and busted the guy.

Now I'm not up to date as I used to be on the price of it, but I know 50lbs costs a good dollar or two. haha. and my companion sat on it. It was all canabis (Unprocessed)

If that's not a good story, I don't know what is. I should have listened more carefully to the spirit when the bag caught my attention. You know... God knows things, and he tells us. We just gotta listen. Great week here in El Porvenir. I didn't get shot or robbed, and Carlos didn't die. Oh! and we have 3 SOLID investigators on date to be dunked. But more on that later :)

Enjoy the snow, and cold. Because it's flammin here. Dirty pollution putting holes in the ozone layer... haha #Science. I'm going to email my momma now. You guys hang in there.

Now... SOMEBODY PLEASE... Actually do what I ask!

Quote of the week.
"You can't fix yesterday, but you can fix tomorrow!"

1. One of the six bags. The cops let Carlos keep one. haha
2. Precious :)
3. I didn't like my breakfasts, so well. I changed it. Mangos here are bomb 
4. I'm getting good at doing my Planners! :)
5. I decorate here too!
6. All about that Christmas Spirit
7. For the first time in Forever!! :) :)
8. I snapped a quick pic in Gamarra. haha
9. Peru's Capitol Building
10. Welcome to Lima Central. We have literally floors of Souvenirs

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