Home! :)

Home! :)

Monday, December 15, 2014

Sometimes....I get angry...

This week we got a phone call from the ward mission leader from a ward in Lima Central mission. He explained he has a referral for us, two people ready for baptism. The elders from Lima central have been coming into our area for the past three months to teach them...

When we visited them is when I became a little angry. Because we explained the rules behind how missionaries work. The other elders were everything but obedient. Then after some very direct answers to questions, we brought up the temple. haha... This is where I became livid. They didn't know a thing about the temple. Not even that it existed... If someone can explain to me why after 3 months those elders didn't talk about the BIGGEST and most IMPORTANT thing in this church. That would be great. There baptism date was the 27th. That's not going to happen. This my friends is a PERFECT example of why Peru has 3 million members of the church, and only 22,000 are active.

Baptism is not the goal. I speak only for Peru here because I don't know other missions. Baptizing is for boys. That's why 16 year olds can do it. Eternal life is for missionaries. CONVERSION. living with our families forever. With never ending joy is possible, and real. If an investigator can't give up coffee, or smoking. They don't understand the promise of eternal life, and if the missionary baptize that person without taking the time and effort to explain, then god have mercy on that missionary.

We changed our investigators dates because three or four weeks it's not possible. I want to go to the temple, not just stand in cold water... And that's all on that. haha

After emails we'll find out who's getting transferred. actually at 1 30. Then Tuesday we'll all transfer! It's kinda hard right before Christmas, but that's okay. I'm healthy, and happy. (For the most part) haha. Reall nothing else to say, we'll see what happens this week. :)

You guys hang in there. Get through the holidays. I can promise you if you think about god more than dollars, you will. :)


Go to temple square, and send me pictures :)

Quote of the week.

"It's not the mountain we conquer, but ourselves"


1. I love packages! and letters!

2. I am... so happy. I love my family!

3. The first real sunset I've seen here. Beut.

4. Now we're cooking! More please :) With all my new stuff I'm sending at least a letter a month because I got talked into it so If you want a sweet letter from me. You better get writing :)

5. Dogs here are lazy as the people! haha

6. Love my California Boy

7. It just tastes better when it's from America :)

8. I like nice bus rides when they're not 60 people.

9. Every week :)

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