Home! :)

Home! :)

Monday, December 22, 2014

Why are you on your phone right now?

Hey guys, You know it's Christmas. I still can't really comprehend that. I'm callin my momma in a couple days! :) haha This week, well... I had immigrations, for pretty much two days. Oh wait! I didn't get transferred! I'm still with Elder Aspajo in San Luis, it's nice because for Christmas I know what's going on, so that's good! But with Immigrations, we lost a good two days of work.

It was a slow week, a lot of people are leaving Lima for the holidays, because well... lima there isn't much. and really, I don't know why you're reading this. Spend some time with your family, and friends. If you're not with them, go. Because next year, you'll never know where you're at. Last Christmas I didn't think I'd be 4000 miles away, but yet here I am. So PLEASE go enjoy your family!

Little thought though, The other week Carlos asked me to pray in English, because he wanted his blessings in dollars. haha, it was a joke, every now and then he still asks me to pray in english but I agreed and prayed outloud in English for the first time in a good minute or two. Yesterday we were in a lesson with an investigator and he was with us, I said the opening prayer, we had our lesson, closing carlos said me, in english! to which I responded, I said the opening, and why in english? haha still as a joke, but then our investigator agreed me pray again in English.

Now I can say a pretty decent prayer in Spanish. You know it's nothing spectacular, but after 3 months in Peru, praying about 10 times a day, you get good. But I've always felt like I was looking for words, not talking to god. I don't know what happened last night, but as I started to pray, everything got silent. The two kids that were running around screaming, stopped and listened. I can't remember what I said. I prayed for her, and a testimony be born in her heart. It wasn't a long prayer. But I don't think I've ever felt the spirit so strong when I was praying. I could bearly speak. When I finished. Carlos explained, even though we can't understand him, it's a better prayer than isn't it? Our investigator agreed.

If angels weren't surrounding us in that moment, I don't know what was going on! haha, but there you go. There's a thought for you as you celebrate Christmas. Fall to your knees. Talk to your father. He knows you, loves you, and wants you. Power of prayer is real my friends.

Send me pictures of Christmas please :)

Quote of the week
Uhh.. I don't have one, I forgot.... So here's a good quote I use a lot
"Listen, just be a decent guy and don't be stupid. You'll be fine"
Daniel Smith.

1. One more transfer with the gringos! Sorry I ruined the picture, I was doing so many wrong things in it.. haha but they look good :)
2. Another great sunset in Lima
3. Tell me of a missionary who has better decorations than me?
4. Best Chapsticks in this world.
5. When you're awake before Peru, there's something wrong. (Immigartions)
6. I am a CHILD
7. Our P day is actually tomorrow, we just email today.

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