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Tuesday, March 8, 2016

I Stnad All Amazed

I don´t even know what to say.
Sunday as we baptized Freya, I don´t know why god let 2 sinners like Elder Aguirre and I teach, and baptize a girl who has commited less sins than us without being a member of the church. I know the atonement is real.

Wednesday we visited Freya, we thought she was still without a real answer that the church is true. We did the interview questions. When I asked her, ¨Are you ready to make this covenant with god?¨ The spirit fled the room and she said yes, then I asked why. Her answer struck my heart, ¨More than anything, The Book¨ 

The best and only real converts in the church are those who know the Book of Mormon is true.

Yesterday in Sacrament meeting, before her baptism Freya stood up, and bore her testimony, as an investigator she bore her witness that the church is true. I have never seen that in my life.

In this mission you can find a lot of chosen people, but you don´t find Freyas.

Last thing, tell her parents, and she told them good. Yesterday the whole family came to the baptism, the only thing she ever wanted from the start.
At her baptism also came our President Boswell, his wife, parents and kids. Also an ex Mission President and current 70. The most powerful baptism I have ever been too. 

I stand all amazed of how powerful the gospel is and the effect it has in our lives.That it allowed me, Daniel to baptize someone in the name of Jesus Christ and that person is now free from sin, and from the past..

If the gospel isn´t working for you the way it is for Freya, I invtite you to call the missionaries and ask them to teach you the lessons. There is power in simple things. You will learn as you simplify more.

Sacrafice brings forth blessings. 

I have more but this computer lab is a joke. Just know that it was awesome, and I know there is no better thing I could be doing in my life.

1. Her her family.
2. Give a Colombian, a Gringo, and the holy ghost 40 days and this is what happens


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