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Monday, March 14, 2016

Aprender de nuestros errores y ser mejores

Another week down in San Borja. We confirmed Freya, it still doesn't click in my head she is a member, but one day! She is doing good, hopefully this week we can start teaching her sister.

Oh I recieved revelation. I now know how missionary work progresses.
This is what happpens.

A girl is born into the covenant, she is baptized when she is 8 years old. At the ages 16 to 22 she fades away, goes to parties and meets a boy who is not a member. And he becomes her boyfriend. Well since the girl was born into the covenant, even though she isn't keeping the commandments, the dream of a temple marriage never leaves her mind. After dating the boy for a year or so, she brings up temple marriage, and calls the missionaries. He is baptized for her, and if they are lucky, they get sealed in the temple. If they are not lucky, well it's complicated.

How did I come to know this? We are teaching three Boyfriends who's girlfriends are members. Three. and every single one of them have asked us about the temple. Haha. Así son mujeres. Así son. 

We had a training from Elder Robbins this week. General authorities love coming to peru. Why? Well It is the Utah of South America. Pretty soon there will be a 3rd temple. He talked about a lot of things, but weirdly, most about families. I was confused if I was a full time missionary, or a returned, but what he said I liked.

The mission, is probably the hardest university to get into, and to graduate. It is also the best university in the world, where you will learn most. You won't learn about Math or science, but you will learn things about the heart and soul. 

If it true, maybe there is a future for me. haha
I have pictures this week!

1. Such a convert, President had to come.
2. I write good, my companion draws good. Good things happen.
3. This is peruvian heaven.
4. Members love us so much.  I didn't even eat trix cereal is the US!
5. We had a good activity aswell.
6. Working so hard fell asleep in his chair... haha


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