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Home! :)

Monday, September 7, 2015

Doing good is a pleasure,... A good beyond measure

Since I'm so old and mature now ;) maybe I should put hymns as my subject line instead of songs from the world. Honestly, I've never had a better birthday in my life than this week. I'll tell you why.

First, we taught like mad men. Second, Peru doesn't make many things right, but they can make a mean cheap cake. Third, well we'll get to that. 

1. Elder Chicaiza and I are doing great together, we are teaching this couple, Victor 26 and Astrith 23. She's a member, but less active since she was like 12, he's not a member. they have a son. Not married.  The first time we taught them, he pushed us around with his questions, We almost thought about dropping them because they weren't progressing, but Astrith reminds me of my family so I told them realllll good a thing or two, they came to church yesterday, this tuesday, they're gonna get a good lesson on Chasity! 

2. I've been incredibly tired so for my birthday I bought a cake, some Inca, we sang, talked ate, and that was it. They have a tradition to slam your head into your cake, but I'm not about that life, so it was pretty relaxed. Also our pension, Ilda, is awesome and made a sweet lunch, I'll put pictures.

3. Saturday we were studying and got a phone call. An Investigator in my last area I had was getting baptized, and wanted me to do it. So plans changed! We headed to my old area.(Perks of having a small mission) It almost made me crying seeing all those members again, and seeing Julio, my favorite member in all of peru, now the bishop. that four and a half months I had in that ward changed my life. Carlos Fernandez is the most humble guy I know. Let's talk about him, he lives in the mountains, like 150 stairs, plus a hike.... the first time we went to visit him, colder than penguins in Antartica, I burned him and dropped him faster than I got off the mountain. a month later, his wife who is a member ran into us in the street and said, "My husband wants to get baptized" we decided to give him a chance... well. He dreamed a dream! and we taught him. every night. the hike was horrible. haha. Saturday as I baptized him and saw him and his family, now together in the church. That made my birthday. It was a moment, I'll never forget.

Anything else? Oh yeah. Listen. I'm not that great of a person, but if you all will wake up, and do something more. You will be blessed and strengthened. Go read Ether 12. It'll tell you how. it goes really well with the hymn. "Have I done any good in the world today" If you haven't, get off your phone and go, someone needs you.

I love you all,
Here's some pictures.
1. No! My camera man...
I had some great ones too..
Next week. Next week!

How sad...

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