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Tuesday, September 22, 2015

He is SAVING your blessings

You felt like you were doing good things, following the commandments, trying your best to do what god says, and not get ANYTHING in return?... I know I feel like that a lot. Sometimes things just get worse the more obedient you are! Why is that? I'll respond at the end of this email, but think of that for a second.

This week was, hard. With every new companion, you have to get on the same page, and sometimes, one's in the middle of his book, and one is finishing his. I can't imagine how hard it is to be married, haha. I've found myself of my knees a few this week, asking like an object, instead of an agent, it's only when I prayed that I might know what to do, things got better, I didn't want to do it, but if you want things better, ya gotta do somethin!

We have a recent convert here, Emilia 80 years old, her daughter, Flor 40 years old, is listening to us, and has a date to be baptized on the 10th. With the strong influence of her mom, she'll do it. Flor has a 4 year old son, and It's hard to imagine the differnce Flor is making in his life, right now. She is changing his eternal future. And I get to be a part of it, what a blessing. We did some good ole contacting this week aswell, another week in the mission.

Elder Godoy was great, he talked about faith, and giving our best. He said that what we are doing right now, isn't suficiente. I believe that. Before the mission I thought, "People don't change, especially him, or her" That is wrong. So, so. wrong. In fact we are always changing. and what we are doing now, isn't as good as we can be.

To end, I'll answer my question. Why don't we always recieve blessings? Because The Lord is saving them, for when we need them most. Elder Godoy said, "The lord is using your mission as an excuse to bless your family, right now, and in the future"... So go on a mission, everyday is a mission, so change for the better, I know you can, and The Lord knows too.

Something funny?
Oh. haha yeah. An Elder is literally furious with me right now because I didn't trade him my tie he wants. He's a rich only child who has gotten everything he's ever wanted, well... haha not with Me! Luckily this cholo isn't my comp. Is that funny? No?. Well, it is for me because he's pretty upset, over a tie! haha moral of the story? Don't act like you're picked on. 

Get ready for conference! I'm SO STOKED.
I love you all.

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