Home! :)

Home! :)

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Emergency Transfers, and baptizing people

So there we were, Tuesday night, got done planning bien tranquilos, got a phone call. My companion left Wednesday Morning, due to emergency transfers. The best part? Well, my president didn't send me a new companion! I'm in a companionship of 3 now. Elder Wilding, and Elder Landetta, we live in the same room, but they have their area, and I have mine. I always thought preaching the gospel would be easier if you didn't have a companion. Ha, that's not the case! I'm a pretty tired. But, the thing is. I'm not alone. When you follow the commandments, you are never alone.

I'll get a companion October 6th. Until then, I've been doing some major divisions, from 2pm until 9pm. When I don't have anyone to acompany me, I'm in the other area. Among all that, got another call, and well, my older elder needed me back again! Saturday I got to baptize Alfredo Brown, let me explain how I met this 42 year old man. It was right after transfers, I had a new companion, I didn't know my area, It was 12 in the afternoon, I was hungry and hot. I remember clapping my hands and saying, "Alright Holy Ghost tell me where I'm going!" I saw a door, cracked open, and a guy watching tv. I really was sick of walking, and he had a nice couch, so I knocked on the door.I don't know if there in anything better than the first contact, to the baptism font. 

Working hard, I'm so pumped for confernce, I've been waiting for it the past 6 months. It's my favorite weekend in the mission. Above all. So It'll be a good week, gonna try and get two of the recent converts here to the temple on Thursday, I've decided when it comes to family search and peru, there's one of two things you can do. Wait for someone in the ward to help them, or break the rules, get on the computer and help them yourself. After waiting over a month, I'm sure you know I did. Other than that, another day, another soul

Have a great week!
I love you all.

2. My first White companion!
4. I sure do love cold water


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