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Tuesday, September 15, 2015

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This week was good, pretty normal. We had a full week to walk, talk, and preach! I have been doing a lot of studying about Agency, and what it takes to be a good missionary. I've realized that the scriptures have to become us.

Sometimes when we teach, we apply the sciptures to the person, when really we need the sciptures more than them. Sometimes we read the scriptures, but the words go right over our head. This week I have been trying to make them apart of me. Because let's face it. If you're not converted to the Book of Mormon, especially if you're a missionary, Satan will get ya real good.

Elder Chicaiza are doing good. We're searching and studying how to help a struggling ward, and we found it all comes down to humility. Humility and Charity. if you don't love them, you arne't going to teach them, and if you aren't willing to be taught, you won't learn. This week we will finally go to our conference with Elder Gadoy the 70 of our area. I'm excited.

This week I had a lesson with a stake patriarca. That completes the list.
I've either been in a training or interview with the following.

Temple President
Stake President
Mission President

I'm missing the prophet, but maybe in the future!

No wonder I've learned so much in the past 1 and a half! I'm really blessed to be here, and to have felt the things I've felt. God loves each of us, and provides the chance for each of us to learn and grow. we just need to act with faith, and he will give us more than we can imagine.

Anything funny?
Always something funny.
So my companion is 27. When we're walking, We make old man jokes.
I said this to him after seeing a picture of him before his mission.
"Man I thought that was your dad because the picture was taken in the 90's! Oh wait, that's just how old you are."

We were contacting and this guy was reading the porn section in the newspaper. I looked at him and said, "Brother, How about I give you something better to look at" He looked at me, I gave him a card of Jesus Christ. haha

Contacting is awesome.

Yeah no pictures...
I'm going to get to it! Sometime.

I love you all!

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