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Home! :)

Monday, February 23, 2015

Do you believe in Miracles!

Nothin happened this week! haha just kidding. Stuff happens every week. This week. Miracles. ferrr dayyyyzzz. I´ll give you a couple examples. So we were going to a lesson we contacted. We knocked on the door, NOTHIN. But I saw a lady in the house. So I knocked on the window, hard. Right when she stood up I realized it was a different house. I onnocently asked for our contact. She explained he lives on the second floor, one houseover. She grabbed her keys and said, It´s my dad, I´ll let you in. MIRACLE! we walked up the stairs, there he was, reading the bible. Miracle! In the lesson he said he didn´t like them JW´s. Miracle! Great lesson.

Later in the week our whole zone went to one sisters area, because their numbers are crap, all they do is fight. We split up to visit non actives. Me and Elder  Meik, the Elder from my last zone, got together. Miracle! We went to visit a guy, he lived in a huge apartment building. We weren´t sure exactly what number was his, so we asked his neighbor, her door was opened. Miracle! We introduced ourselves, she invited us in. Miracle! We had a member. Miracle! She listened to missionaries 25 years ago. She was smart enough to answer our questions, but not so rich she was prideful. miracle! Probably one of the best restoration lessions I´ve had. She invited us back, hopefully them sisters do good.

Sunday we were in a lesson with a girl who´s been coming to our ward for six months, but lives in a different mission. I told her when I turned 8 I was moved up in a different primary group, and hated it. But It was the "rule" and we are not going to make her do what they made me do. Just do the best thing for her. We have our 3 month interview with president Wednesday, we´ll see what he says about it.

After that we ate lunch with a brazilian family. That was fun. After lunch my compaion was laughing and I asked why, he said "You don´t have any shame!" I asked if that´s a good thing or bad, but he just kept laughing. He never explained either? Doesn´t matter back to me! That´s it! HAve a good week!

Quote of the week
·Miracles are the natural result of the correct application of true eternal principles"

1. The rate I´m going people are going to start thinking I´m an 18 year old girl who doesn´t know who she is!
2. I guess the guy didn´t think I liked a hair line? I don´t know...
3. Yup, I Danieled my room.
4. I practice every day! I´m gettin good!
5. I got the Agenda Game
6. Dat Bible doe.

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