Home! :)

Home! :)

Monday, February 2, 2015

It's a new life for me and I'm feeling.....Gooood

Welcome to Surco, Lima! One of the prettier parts of Lima. Sadly, my new area, Surquillo is the ugliest in Surco, but that's okay because it's still nice! My new companion, Elder Chiroque is from Peru. That makes a grand total of four companions. Utah, Argentina, Peru, Peru. I like my new area. I can actually hear my footsteps when I walk. At night it's silent, not 15 drunk guys listening to music, or people getting shot. It's peaceful :)

The ward is small, and the work is hard. we had 21 lessons this week with only 1 new investigador, but this saturday we have a baptism. So that's cool. His name is Francisco. He's a beast. About 60 years old and has a testimony of a rock. He actually reads the book of Mormon. It's a miracle!

My room is small, and on the first floor. So that's sad. But we have hot and cold water! Ups and downs all through life I guess. Uhh... What else.. It's Feb! I honestly don't know where January went. Time is cruzin. Just trying to get to work in the new area. Stay humble, and not go crazy living in a small little room. Elder Chiroque is great. He goes hard on the work, so we'll be alright :) But I gotta emal my momma because it's her birthday this week!

Quote of the week
"When the great score keeper  comes, he counts not whether you won or lost, but how you played the game" ....Grantland Rice

Pictures! I have a lot.
1. Our First Picture together in the MTC
2. After almost six months of being in the same district, we depart. Love my main man Elder Wallace. God be with you my brotha
3.  My Companion, Elder Chiroque!
4. Would you believe me if I said I eat this everyday for breakfast, and dinner? :(
5. You guys are just too good :) (The Magnusons) Excuse my bed, I was changing my sheets
6. I ain't no pig!
7. Had to do some cleaning, but this is our room.
8. Our light is a lamp, and sadly lights the whole room pretty good...
9. Which one is mine? :)
10. Our Church is a house? I've never seen anything like it before!

I'll send more of the area next week :)

Peace & Love,

Elder Smith

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