Home! :)

Home! :)

Monday, January 5, 2015

Happy New Year

This week was the most unproductive, productive week I've had. It started REALLY slow. New years eve no one was home, then new years day everyone was either sleeping, hungover, or still drinking. The streets were literally empty. It was the quietest I've seen it here. Then on Friday the traveling missionaries came to visit us! The traveling missionaries are just two missionaries who visit companionship throughout the mission. We divided up the day and went. I was with Elder Kent. The man is my hero. he has 21 months. we were the first gringos together for the first time in my areas history!

We had a solid day, and one less was porbably the strongest spiritual lesson I've had. It was with a mom named Yovana. She's an investigador because her worthless Boyfriend won't get divorced with his last wife, so they're not married. She wants to be baptized but can't. They have three kids, he works all the time and hasn't ever came to church. So she's alone.. Oh! and the pile is a returned missionary. The government is taking thier house, on Thursday she was completly helpless and fell to her knees. We hadn't visited her for a couple weeks, then on Friday, I called her. It was very touching. I hope and pray the lord will bless her and we'll help.

A lot more happened that day, and this week. The mission president from Lima central came to our ward. Along with the two missionaries who were teaching in our area. Disobedience man, I'm telling ya it doesn't get you anywhere. I hope we don't loose the couple, but it's not looking too good.

Karla is still progressing like a beast. She's cool, smart, and pretty easy to teach. When we taught the word of wisdom she said the famous line, "NO COFFE?!" It was funny.

Yeah Okay. It's 2015. 365 days to be a missionary, only full year in my life. If that's not awesome I don't know what is. Hang in there, have the best year of your life. 2014 was pretty good for me, but 2015 is looking pretty. I love you all. Sorry for the long email.

Now...SOMEBODY PLEASE Tell me your goals for 2015

Quote of the week
"What we believe determines what we do" Bruce McConkie.

1. New Years here has more fireworks than Christmas
2. Really the whole atmosphere was smoke. It was awesome
3. My guy and the travelers.
4. Elder Kent is my Hero
5. Yeah okay.
6. Hi, I'm Elder Smith. I've been alcohol free for one year. :)

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