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Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Elections in Peru

In Peru, electing for a new president is required, and on the day of elections, Sunday. No one can have meetings. It is against the law. Yesterday we had elections, and I realized how hard it was to feel the saboth day if you don't go to church. It was honestly just another day. I made me realize how awesome church is.

Peru has a new president though so that is good. But he is not even Peruvian, I honestly don't understand it but as long as he lets temples be built I don't even care!

We had a good week. Found some new people, Teaching a lot about the Plan of Salvation for some reason. Peru isn't a country big on getting married so everyone we teach we have to put a marriage date first before the batpsimal one. Which is fine. I like teaching couples, they teach me a lot.

We met a lady who's mom had died like 6 months ago and she was a wreck, crying she told us, "I will never see her, or talk to her again, I can't hug her. How can I accept it" I honestly can't imagine only having that knoweldge. As members of the church of jesus christ of latter day saints, we have a big perspective on things. I love teaching people it.

We were also teaching a fourteen year old girl and her mom. Her mom said to us, "Yasuri really likes they way you pray" and I asked Yasuri, "How do you pray?" The classic Cathlic.. She said, ""Padre nuestro que estas en los cielos...." We then explained a powerful doctrine that god loves to hear from us. She decided to pray using her own words for the first time. And The lord heard from his daughter how she really felt... 

That is why I serve a mission ladies and gentlemen. To help people understand how simple the gospel is and how much god loves us. Every. single. One. 

If you are feeling down, without the spirit and wonder.... How are missionaries so close the god?
I'll answer that right here.... We do three things.

Read. Pray. And bare our testimonies.

If you haven't sent some time on your knees for a while. I invite you to do it. God is waiting.

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