Home! :)

Home! :)

Wednesday, April 13, 2016


Without even realizing it, The lord has just dumped some major revelation on me the past 3 months. Especially in these last 3 weeks. I don't know if he was just waiting a year and a half before he did it, but I am glad he has heard my prayers.

This week we had interviews. For a long time I pondered about my dreams, but thought I was just being crazy. I talked to President Boswell about everything. It blew me away when he supported, and encouraged me. If you are looking for direction with your dreams, talk to your leaders, they know things.

Today we went to the temple. Ya just don't beat going to the temple! I was thinking about how weird it is I have been through the temple more in Spanish than in English, When I was in the celestial room I was looking at my hands thinking about all the bad, and good things they have done. and how blessed I am to be able to stand in Holy places, and that the lord has paid the price of my sins. Missions are great. Temples are salvation.

Speaking of the mission.. haha
We had a better week. Elder Cueva is really coming out of his shell. Sometimes I just jump us off a cliff into deep water and he either has to swim or drown. He is swimming well :) We found 8 new people. It is a lot easier to find news here than in San Borja, but none the less we have some people who just don't want anything. haha for example..

We knocked on a door.
An old lady answered, I asked her how her day was... She said good.
Then I asked her name, and she responded, ''I'm catholic!"
I looked at her and said loudly, "Lady I asked your name not your religion!" 
She laughed and told me her name, then continued to tell us she didn't want anything.
Haha contacting. Never gets old.

Another week here in Punte Palomar! YES!

I don't have pictures this week... que pena

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