Home! :)

Home! :)

Monday, April 18, 2016

Always things to do

This week was good. Found some new people. I don't know why but almost everyone we teach is a younge women... We recieve references, women, knock on a door, women, I mean it's great.  I understand why there will be 7 women to 1 man in the celestial kingdom now, but geese, I would love to teach a man sometime!

I went to church for the first time this week, so that was fun. It was dedicated by Elder Ballard when he was a 70. The ward is good. The area is a gold mine, just gotta do some digging!

The good news? Elder Rasband is coming to our mission! Boom!
Two apostles in less than a year. Peru is the promised land.
Take that world. haha

What else? Nothing else. Teaching people with real big problems. Sometimes it makes me sick, mad, sad, or just unexcited..Satan.. that man knows things, but god knows more. Just gotta keep working and be pacient. 

This computer won't load pictures.

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