Home! :)

Home! :)

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

From one extreem to another

First week down. It has been from one extreme to another. First the first time in almost two years I felt rain. Here we are high up so it rains. That was nice. I definitely don't go up any more elevaters like in San Borja, but I do climb some mean stairs, It is a lot better weather here, so that has been nice.

Elder Cueva is from Peru, he is a recent convert of just a couple of years, and is just innocent, if we don't get along this transfer it will be my fault for sure. The guy has a heart so big he won't even kill a cocroach.

Conference always stands to amaze me. It is always my favorite weekend of the mission. I think of my life. haha, my prayers have been answered an I am certain that god is guiding me, that he is in charge or my life and he knows where I am going. Thanks to this conference. I know where he wants me to go. 

Since I am new here, it is like starting from Scratch again, we don't have like anyone to teach so we are going to start this process one last time! Elder Cueva and I are going to learn the area together. 

Anything else?
No. I am in the mountains, far away from life, so don't worry about me!

1. If god would of kept Elder Aguirre and I for six more weeks. We would have baptized her sister....
2. But The mountains were calling
3. And stairs need climbing
4. two puppies need loving
5. A missionary needs training
6. and a man needs helping. haha
7. Elder Balland has his own street here. weird?
8. Rain is a good thing!
9. I love it.
10. My last, his first.


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